General Syrskyi: ‘Wagnerites’ Creeped Into Bakhmut Like Rats Into Trap

The commander of the Eastern Group of Armed Forces of the AFU spoke about what he saw on the front line.


Ukrainian fighters near Bakhmut are resorting to counter-offensive actions in some areas. Despite the fact that the enemy has more resources, the Ukrainian defenders manage to disrupt their plans.

This was announced in the Telegram-канале channel by the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi.

“Bakhmut direction. I visited commanders and warriors at the forefront. Each of them is the author of a new page in the history of our war,” Syrskyi wrote.

According to him, Wagner PMC mercenaries creeped into Bakhmut, “like rats in a trap”.

“Using the principle of active defense, we resort to counter-offensive actions in some directions near Bakhmut. The enemy has more resources, but we are disrupting their plans,” Syrskyi said.

He said that, together with the commanders of units and subunits, he discussed and made the necessary decisions to continue the defense operation. All possible scenarios for the development of events were considered.

“I rewarded our defenders, and also presented gifts to our fighters. I am grateful to each and every one for their heroism, in particular, to the servicemen of the 57th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 3th Specialized Brigade, 5th Specialized Brigade, 24th Specialized Brigade, 56th Specialized Rifle Brigade and other brigades for their feats on the battlefield,” Syrskyi wrote.

According to the latest data from British intelligence, Ukrainian fighters have achieved tactical success in the Bakhmut area. In addition to moving south of the city, the Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed the Russian front line northwest of the city. This probably allowed the resumption of the supply line.

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  1. Something tells me that if Wagners are surrounded, Putler won’t be too displeased, he’s more bothered about keeping power than trying to win a war.

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