From the LinkedIn page of Rishi Sunak

May 16

The first time hosting a world leader at Chequers was always going to be a special one for me, but even more so that it was President Zelenskyy.

We understand that this is a crucial moment in Ukraine’s resistance to a terrible war of aggression that they did not choose or provoke.

That is why the UK is sustaining our support to Ukraine. But they also need the support from the international community to defend against the barrage of unrelenting and indiscriminate attacks that have been a daily reality for over a year.

This message of solidarity will ring loud in all my meetings with fellow world leaders in the days ahead.

We will always stand with Ukraine 🇬🇧🇺🇦


From the LinkedIn page of Roman Sheremeta

May 16

Today the US press is like on steroids sharing about President Zelensky and Ukraine. Very positive coverage!

They are constantly showing Scholz, who says that if it were not for Ukraine, the EU would now have a “very long border” with the Russian Federation, perhaps not even along the western border of Ukraine, but along the western borders of Poland and the Baltic Sea.

You can hear messages that everyone should help Ukraine as much as possible, because if the Ukrainians didn’t fight, then the whole EU would be fighting.

The news are constantly repeating that Germany gave almost 3 billion dollars, and Britain began training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 and plans to transfer them, and the USA is planning, but has not yet announced. And that France is also starting to prepare for the F-16. And the USA has already sent over 30 Abrams. And Britain is shipping super-effective combat drones. And so on.

Finally, it seems, it happened, and the US press is telling it like it is. It is surprising that they did not understand it earlier. A very sharp change. Thank you, US and all Americans for your support of Ukraine and our fight for freedom.


  1. But sleepy corrupt Joe is still asleep at the wheel and while the free world is helping Ukraine the US press is fixated on watery piss beer.

  2. It’s worth it for Ukraine to wait a while longer until all those promised weapons arrive. The more, the merrier … dead cockroaches, that is.

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