First time, Ukraine has used long-range “Storm Shadow” missiles against Russian targets, sources say

May 16, 2023

Ukrainian forces have begun using long-range “Storm Shadow” missiles provided by the UK to strike Russian targets, two US officials and a Western official familiar with the matter told CNN Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense declined to comment.

The Storm Shadow is a long-range cruise missile with stealth capabilities, jointly developed by the UK and France, which is typically launched from the air. With a firing range in excess of 250km, or 155 miles.

CNN first reported last week that the United Kingdom had delivered multiple “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Ukraine, giving the nation a new long-range strike capability.

CNN’s Tim Lister contributed to the reporting


  1. Ukraine just recently received these missiles. If they are already in use, then the preparations have been going on for some time. As we always suspect, certain things are kept hush-hush for a while … and, some we won’t learn about until after our victory.

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