Budanov: After the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the Crimea, the majority of the pro-Russian contingent will immediately leave

Inna Andalitskaya19:46, 05/16/23

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According to him, the Kerch bridge is not needed to run by ferry crossing.

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov, is convinced that the events in Crimea during the liberation from the Russian occupiers will take place similarly to those in other occupied territories: the pro-Russian contingent will immediately leave. 

He said this in an interview as part of the “Different People” program.

 “The majority of the radically pro-Russian population, with the first entry of units into Crimea in any format, will be the first to leave through the ferry crossing to the mainland of the Russian Federation. No one will remain,” he said.

To a clarifying question, because of the ferry, because the Crimean bridge may not function at that time, Budanov said: “I think that the Kerch bridge is not needed.”

According to him, this is evident in all the liberated territories: those who shouted “Russia, come”, they are already in Russia. 

“There will be no exception here. They will leave this territory. There are no suicides there,” Budanov said.

Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for the liberation of Crimea

According to  President Zelensky , this is one of the tasks of the spring-summer campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Against the background of this statement, “bavovna” regularly takes place in Crimea, which has noticeably become more frequent in recent weeks. A particularly serious incident occurred at the end of April in occupied Sevastopol. Several huge  tanks with fuel  for warships burned down there.

Also in Crimea, the occupiers canceled school classes after the end of the school year, fearing “bavovna”. Events will be limited to alumni only.

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