“What the fuck is this war?!” – Russian occupiers lost their position in Donbass, Z-patriots are outraged

May 14, 2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Z-publics report the beginning of activity in the Ugledar direction near the village of Nikolskoye and in the Svatovsky direction near Kuzemovka.

The Russian occupiers have lost control over another position in the Donbass. This time, according to the information of Z-propagandists, the Armed Forces of Ukraine drove out the enemy in the area of ​​Nikolsky, Donetsk region. According to the Vesti Voina TV channel, a group of invaders from Nikolsky confirmed the successful attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Today the position was destroyed by a tank, the boys fell asleep [got killed–OFP] We retreated 150 meters back, gave up one position. A 200th pulled out on a rag, dragged along the ground.

Russian supporters of the war, it seems, are beginning to guess that the Russian army may qualify for the Darwin award ahead of schedule due to the total theft of the military command and the narrow-mindedness of the soldiers. Nevertheless, the Z-patriots are dissatisfied with what is happening at the front:

“What the hell is this kind of war?! One tank decides the battle for a position. Are our soldiers sitting with rifles? One for three? Where is the aircraft? Where is the artillery? Where are our tanks? The second army of the world under plywood became, flew out of the 10s”, “Somewhere, where it is. The main thing is that everyone understands perfectly well where, and still wonder. All this forever remained near Kiev during the successful winter-spring attack in 2022, then disappeared near Severodonetsk – Lisichansk in the summer of the same year and now finally ended near Bakhmut.”

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet commented on the propaganda statements. Recall that the successful counter-offensive actions of the Ukrainian army in Bakhmut opened up the opportunity for Kiev to launch a full-scale counter-offensive. The Ukrainian defenders can already boast of success in the Bakhmut area: during the fighting, they managed to capture a large number of opponents.


  1. “What the fuck is this war?!”

    It is your war! It is what you wanted. Now you must watch your “second army” become a twentieth army, or worse.

  2. “Nevertheless, the Z-patriots are dissatisfied with what is happening at the front.”

    The Z patriots can always remove themselves from behind their PC and go volunteer for the front line.

    • The Z-patriots will gladly let their babushkas and dedushkas go to the front lines before they move their fat cowardly asses.

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