Volodymyr Zelensky to meet Rishi Sunak for ‘substantive negotiations’

May 15


Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelenksy are pictured outside No10 Downing Street on February 8
Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelenksy are pictured outside No10 Downing Street on February 8 CREDIT: Victoria Jones/PA


Volodymyr Zelensky has announced a surprised visit to London today to hold “substantive negotiations” with Rishi Sunak. 

The Ukrainian President said the UK “is a leader” in helping his country to expand its ground and air capabilities as it continues the fight against the Russian invasion and “this cooperation will continue today”.

Mr Zelensky tweeted: “Today – London. The UK is a leader when it comes to expanding our capabilities on the ground and in the air. This cooperation will continue today. 

“I will meet my friend Rishi. We will conduct substantive negotiations face-to-face and in delegations.”

Mr Zelensky has engaged in a whistle stop tour of western Europe in recent days, meeting leaders in Italy, Germany and Paris before heading to London today.

The Ukrainian President was last in the UK for talks with Mr Sunak back in February of this year in what was his first visit to Britain since the start of the war. That trip also saw him deliver an address to both Houses of Parliament and meet King Charles.


  1. Wonder what this is about? To meet with the PM on what seems to be short notice needs to be important F16?

    • I can say what I’d like it to be:
      The RAF is already training Ukrainian pilots on simulators compatible with advanced fighters, including F16’s.
      Rishi could buy three squadrons from our allies, with all the tech support needed and get them out there pronto.
      Or, he could give Zel all of our decommissioned Tornadoes that are in working order; approximately three squadrons worth. It’s an old analogue fighter-bomber, but flies at Mach 2 and will be extremely effective as a multi-role combat aircraft.
      Plus: more Challies and more artillery.
      Also : it is time to formalise and cement our relationship. I suggest that we invite Ukraine into the Commonwealth of Nations. (AKA The British Commonwealth). This will be incredibly beneficial for both parties in terms of trade, diplomacy, intel-sharing and hi tech cooperation.
      I would like Ukraine to have the same status as Canada, NZ and Australia. We have far more in common with Ukrainians than French and Germans.
      I would also invite Poland, for the same reasons.
      Finally and most important: there already exists a tripartite alliance between Poland, the UK and Ukraine. It focuses on cyber security, energy security and countering disinformation. It is now time to fully militarise this alliance and maybe add the Balts, Czechia and Slovakia.
      In the horrific event of a Trumpkov govt, this would ensure that Ukraine can continue to defend herself.

      • Wow never thought of joining the commonwealth. That’s an interesting alternative to the EU

  2. Selected comments from DT readers

    Seed House: If I’m honest when Russia first invaded I thought that whilst their arrogant ‘three days’ to win was never going to happen against the brave but under equipped Ukrainians that they would in fact prevail in the end. Having watched it unfold I genuinely think Ukraine, with the right support, can win this. It will be at great cost both financially for the West and in terms of Ukrainian lives but the alternative is to sink back into the dark days of Soviet expansion and occupation of neighbouring countries. It wouldn’t stop there so there is a huge amount at stake here. Give them what they need for victory.

    Alan Golding: To all you doubters and complainers. Freedom comes with a price to pay and we have to pay that price.
    To all you people who say for negotiations to take place. QUOTE SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL. HOW DO YOU NEGOTIATE WITH YOUR HEAD IN THE TIGER’S MOUTH?????

    A bozo named Caroline Judge: If the object is to save lives then they should be negotiating. In the 21st century more arms should not be the only answer.

    Reply from Lesley Snell: Russia’s negotiating position is it gets what it wants. Ukraine’s rightly is we defend our country, all of it . Not a lot of room for constructive chat.

    Jeremiah Obadiah Jones: You’re welcome here any time, President Zelensky.

    Nordic in London : Welcome him and Arm Ukraine with fighter jets.

    Joe Blow: Let’s hope “substantive” includes plenty of fighter jets, more cruise missiles and all the rest of what’s required to finish Putin’s ragtag off for good.

  3. Update from the DT:

    “Rishi Sunak has announced the UK will donate hundreds of air defence missiles and new long-range attack drones to Ukraine as Volodymyr Zelensky arrived for a surprise visit to hold “substantive negotiations” with the Prime Minister.

    Mr Sunak, who will welcome the Ukrainian President to Chequers, said today’s meeting comes at a “crucial moment in Ukraine’s resistance” and the country’s allies “must not let them down”.

    The Government announced last week that it was giving Kyiv long-range Storm Shadow precision cruise missiles and today Mr Sunak said the UK will give a further package of hundreds of air defence missiles and more unmanned aerial systems.

    It will include hundreds of new attack drones with a range of more than 120 miles. Downing Street said the weapons will support Ukraine ahead of its anticipated military surge in the coming months as Kyiv looks to push back Russian forces.”

    Iran sells drones to help a genocidal nazi regime murder Ukrainian civilians. Incredibly evil, since Ukraine has never done anything to Iran. The UK sends air defence systems to help neutralise them and attack drones to take out orc equipment and personnel. Time for some high value targets in Iran to be taken out.

    Mail Online is also covering this story. The kremtrolls are spewing out lies and hate like a conveyor belt. Some are Savushkina scum, but many are far right vermin; fans of Farage and Trump.

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