Ukraine will receive hundreds of long-range kamikaze drones from Britain

Great Britain will transfer hundreds of new long-range kamikaze drones to Ukraine.

This was announced by the British government on Monday, May 15, after the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi arrived in Great Britain for talks with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the Industrial  Portal reports with reference to Military .

The declared flight range of these drones is more than 200 km.

Ukraine will also receive hundreds of air defense missiles.

“Today, the Prime Minister will confirm the UK’s continued provision of hundreds of air defense missiles and new unmanned aircraft systems, including hundreds of new long-range strike drones with a range of over 200 km,” the message said.

All of this is expected to be delivered in the coming months as Ukraine prepares to strengthen its resistance to a full-scale Russian invasion.

It is currently unknown which drones the Ukrainian military will receive. It is also not known which anti-aircraft missiles we are talking about. The information is not made public for security reasons, so that the Russians do not know what specific types of weapons Ukraine receives from its partners.

We will remind that last week Great Britain announced the transfer of Storm Shadow air-based cruise missiles to Ukraine. The decision to transfer these weapons was made after repeated requests from Ukraine to provide more weapons to counter Russian aggression.

Storm Shadow cruise missile. Photo from open sources

According to Ben Wallace, the missiles will allow Ukraine to repel Russian forces that are on Ukrainian sovereign territory.

“The donation of these missile systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend itself against Russian brutality,” Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace said in the House of Commons.

With these missiles, the combat aircraft of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to strike deep into the territories of Ukraine captured by the Russian invaders, destroying important military facilities of the aggressor country.

Installation of the Storm Shadow missile on the Typhoon fighter. 2021 year. Photo: EPS

Britain has received assurances from the Ukrainian government that these missiles will be used only to defeat the Russian occupation forces within the sovereign territory of Ukraine, and not for strikes on the territory of Russia.



    • There is a long way to go, but the Ukrainians will know that they have to knock out all of putlerstani air defences both inside Ukraine and inside the shithole. Then they can control the sky and massively degrade orc positions prior to engaging in battle with the squalid cockroach horde.

  1. I wished there also was a deal within NATO to provide Britain with all of its Chally’s, as the UK is the only European country that could temporarily be without tanks without serious consequences as the UK cannot be invaded by land.

    NATO could then provide them with Abrams, Leopards or could pay to replace them with new Challenger 3 tanks.

    Everyone would win, as the UK was already planning to replace or upgrade the Challenger 2 and they would then even get money for this while they already budgeted for this replacement.

    This would have allowed for Ukraine to have one modern tank type instead of this hodgepodge which must be a mechanical and logistical nightmare.

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