House Republican Twists Himself in Knots to Explain Trump’s Refusal to Say He Wants Ukraine to Defeat Russia


  1. I think what he is thinking.
    Don’t you think if he was pro-Ukrainian he wouldn’t have said so?

    • Yes! The Kremlin and the Left keep trying to set the arsegivers up against each other. But we don’t let this happen! We will keep giving arse like champs!

  2. This asswipe is too chicken to just speak the truth. I despise such “politicians”. I hope the American people – at least most – who support the deviant and debauched Trump will come to their senses. It’s a small hope, but it’s there.

    • Sir OFP I think you’re mistaken about Rep McCaul. He has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine and has voted yes for every support and resolution calling for Biden to get off his ass and has been in Kyiv several times. It’s a shame he felt that he needed to explain someone else’s position especially the moron Trump.

      • I know all this, but I just don’t understand why he felt having to explain something that’s inexplicable. Trump’s viewpoint is wrong, reprehensible and un-American. Was it just because Trump is a Republican?

          • If only enough of his fanboys would see it this way. Without them, he would just fade away.

        • “Was it just because Trump is a Republican?”

          Possibly. Or possibly because Trump has a radical base who attack anyone that says anything negative about Trump, and McCaul thought it would be political suicide to be more honest.

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