AFU Soldier: Russians Left Without Food And Communication On Frontline Near Bakhmut

Those retreating are shot in the back.


Russians who are sent to fight at the close lines near Bakhmut are dying on their positions after being wounded because the Russian Federation is not evacuating them there. writes that in an interview with founder Vladimir Osechkin, a Ukrainian soldier Ondriy from the “Code 9.2” drone strike company of the 92nd OMBR told this.

“It’s the place of no return for them. They go there usually without food and radios. [RF military officer Ruslan] Anitin (he surrendered and was taken out of Wagner’s positions by AFU drone. – ed.) said that they were sent there without food and communications. There is no evacuation. As long as we fly there, as long as we conduct reconnaissance – there were two or three attempts to evacuate someone in the whole eight weeks. And it happened somewhere on the far reaches. Everything that happens on the near ones, all the wounded stay there and die,” Ondriy says.

Apart from the lack of evacuation, Russians face more fire from their own people on the front.

“Machine guns meet those who retreat: deserters, who try to leave the position if the shift does not appear. You just try to retreat – it does not matter if you are wounded or not – they just get mopped up. It happens as long as we are at war. We have witnessed it in Kharkiv and Luhansk oblasts,” an AFU fighter added.


  1. The ruskies are extremely inhumane with the treatment of their own, no wonder they are evil savages with the treatment of Ukrainians. This is the type of wretchedly wicked system that Trump admires. Think about it!

  2. “Machine guns meet those who retreat…”

    Always good to cull the orcs of course. But it means that the putinaZis still feel that they have enough fresh meat coming into the grinder. Take out 3000 of the rapist-torturer vermin each and every day and they won’t have that “luxury.”

  3. Those helmets look like WW1 vintage, and it looks like they have a minimum of kit. These idiots were not expected to last very long at all, maybe these are the lucky ones.

    • I was thinking the same. Those are definitely Soviet-era style helmets. They seem to be SSH-68s. Maybe they are even SSH-40 from WWII. But, I’m no expert on soviet helmets. The rest of their attires are also quite basic. Meat puppet kit.

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