Acting Azov Commander: AFU Must Come To Belarus

Ukrainian troops will be supported by 90 percent of Belarusians.


Acting commander of the “Azov” brigade Bogdan “Taur” Krotevich has described a possible scenario of the liberation of Belarus.

He said this in an interview with Radio NV.

The Ukrainian commander believes that Ukraine cannot feel safe as long as Russian troops are based on Belarusian territory and the threat from it looms over the entire north of the country.

“If you want to destroy the enemy, first destroy his allies. So we have a very beautiful country called Belarus,” Krotevich said.

The acting commander of the Azov brigade believes that the Belarusians will in the majority welcome liberation from the Lukashenka regime and help the Ukrainian army.

“If we go in with the armed forces (I don’t know, maybe Poland will help us in this), 90 percent of the population will simply support both the Ukrainian and Polish troops. And the rest will either run away or lay down their arms,” believes Krotevich.

“I still believe that our frontline runs along the border with Belarus and Russia, and then it goes along the border with the occupied territories,” he said.

Major Bohdan Krotevich stressed that this is his personal opinion.


  1. This is not only Major Bohdan Krotevich’s opinion. I also think that this would be a good idea. Better yet is to take Transnistria to eliminate the cockroaches there and take the ammunition depots there. Then, make a move on Belarus. Ukraine would need fewer men and material to do this than for the offensive in the south-southeast front lines. With Belarus and Transnistria liberated, putler will be in an even worse position than now, militarily and politically. Maybe the offensive in the south-southeast won’t even be required, if the little monster gets assassinated, thrown in prison, or just disappears.

    • I appreciate the sentiment and I’m no expert but I don’t think we should help people that won’t help themselves. Belarus had a chance to oust the regime a couple of years ago and had the Berkut FAR outnumbered but did nothing. I know Belarus isn’t the Middle East but I think we learned from them that it not worth helping them if they won’t fight too.

      • Seeing how spineless the Belarus men are, I have no doubt they would send their women out to fight.

      • This is not about helping Belarus, Red, but to put Ukraine into a better position.

      • I absolutely disagree, I think the Belarusians did a lot and went through terrible hardship in 2020.

        They outnumbered the Berkut but they had no arms and they knew very well that in case the protestors won the Russian army would enter.

        The difference with Ukraine in 2014 was that Ukraine had different clans in politics, so you had pro-European oligarchs supporting the Maidan cause.

        Belarus has none of this, the civil society is on its own.

        I think that is the main reason Belarus and Russia never became democratic while Ukraine did: in Russia one clan became dominant, while Ukraine was a battleground between many factions for 30 years with no faction achieving a long term hegemony.

        I think the Belarusians knew they had no chance as even with big numbers you cannot win against Russia. The West didn’t really help Ukraine, so the Belarusians had nothing to hope for.

        The only thing they could do is wait for the collapse of Russia.

        • I agree with your assessment, Bert, but I have trouble with the situation now, with mafia land extremely busy with Ukraine. However, it’s not only Belarus that’s not fighting for its freedom while mafia land is getting weaker and weaker, but other countries as well, like Armenia and Georgia. Why?

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