The Russians have huge problems, a military expert suggested what is happening in Bakhmut

May 14, 2023

Bakhmut remains one of the hottest destinations for many months. The Armed Forces destroy a large number of enemy personnel and equipment there. And the day before, two Russian military leaders were killed in the area of ​​the city.

Military expert Pavlo Narozhny noted that the arrival of the colonels at the front shows that they no longer had the opportunity to manage the processes from a distance. He told Channel 24 about this.

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Generals die in the Russian army

Narozhny clarified that the deputy commander of the army corps for military-political work, Yuriy Brovko, and the commander of the 4th motorized rifle brigade, Vyacheslav Makarov, were killed.

These two commanders are very rarely together. This is absolutely logical, because if there is a problem with one, the other must replace him, he explained.

If the two of them came very close to the front line, in the artillery range and died there, it means that there are problems with command and control. It is lost.

This could be due to communication problems, low morale in the troops, disobeying orders, etc. And that’s why the colonels went to talk with the soldiers at the front. Usually, colonels and brigade commanders communicate exclusively with combatants, and they pass orders to the company commander, and they pass orders to sergeants and soldiers, the interlocutor emphasized.

He noted that since 2014, colonels have died in Ukraine – Brigadier General of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade Yevhen Korostelov (in 2019) and Brigadier General of the 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign Colonel Vitaliy Gulyaev (in 2022).

“Generals, colonels, and high-ranking officers are dying in the Russian army,” the military expert noted.

The task is to hold on

Narozhny also spoke about the situation in Bakhmut. The Ukrainian command concentrated on attacking on the flanks, and in the city itself the task was to hold on.

I do not see any offensive actions in Bakhmut. When the flanks will be cleared and the occupiers will have problems, then the Ukrainian forces will begin offensive actions directly in the city, he suggested.

The military expert noted that it is possible that our command has plans to bypass the Russian group from the flanks and surround it.

Very well-prepared, equipped and, most importantly, highly motivated Ukrainian assault brigades are fighting on the flanks, he noted.

At the same time, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the owner of PVK “Wagner”, is very afraid of this environment, who declares that “the front is collapsing.”

However, Pavlo Narozhny believes that it is too early to say so, although one would like to believe in it.

“If the front really “collapsed”, our troops would easily pass the second and third lines of defense – about 15 kilometers. But so far I don’t see it,” he said.

Bakhmut Fortress is important – the place where the era of the “Wagnerians” will end.

What is known about the death of Russian commanders in Bakhmut

  • On May 14, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the death of the commander of the 4th motorized rifle brigade of the Russian army, Colonel Vyacheslav Makarov, and the deputy commander of the army corps for military and political work, Colonel Yevgena Brovko.
  • The colonels probably died while repelling an attack by the Armed Forces. Brovko died in Bakhmut, and Makarov died in the area of ​​Ivanovske settlement, where he commanded the battle. He was seriously wounded and died during evacuation from the battlefield. Brovko received multiple shrapnel wounds.
  • The day before, at least 3 officers of the Russian army and 20 soldiers were killed in Klishchiivka in the Bakhmut district. As a result of an explosion, the command of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade, which is part of the 2nd army corps of the occupiers in Donbas, died.


  1. “Bakhmut Fortress is important – the place where the era of the “Wagnerians” will end.”

    And, with the end of the Wagner thugs comes the end for the evil ghoul that owns them, and maybe there’ll be a snowball effect, since numerous regular army roaches will also get smoked.

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