Night strike on Ternopil: an entrepreneur showed a warehouse before a Russian missile hit (photo)

Anastasia Gorbacheva16:17, 05/14/23

Ivan Gontar noted that there was humanitarian aid in the warehouse.

The army of the Russian Federation in Ternopil destroyed a warehouse with humanitarian aid from a charitable foundation. As a result of the rocket hit, thousands of tons of humanitarian aid were burned.

“As a result of a missile attack on May 13 in Ternopil, our warehouse was completely destroyed, where the humanitarian aid of the Charitable Foundation was stored and served as a hub for inter-church activities in our region. Thousands of tons of aid passed through this premises, hundreds of thousands of people received support and hope because of the opportunity to use it room … EVERYTHING BURNED!” – said the head of the charity fund “Light of the Reformation” Ivan Gontar on Facebook.

At the same time, he noted that as a result of the attack, two drivers of the Foundation miraculously did not suffer, who spent the night near the warehouse, a few meters from the place of arrival.

The head of the charitable foundation showed his warehouse before the Russians destroyed it / Facebook photo / Ivan Gontar
The head of the charitable foundation showed his warehouse before the Russians destroyed it / Facebook photo / Ivan Gontar

In a commentary to Suspilne, Gontar said that there were things in the destroyed warehouse that were transferred to hospitals, hospitals and for the military. According to him, the warehouse occupied an area of ​​more than a thousand square meters.

“The damage is now difficult to say, because it is always full, therefore, several million in our opinion. But we plan to work further and win. This has never stopped us and will not stop us. We will continue to serve the people of Ukraine and God in this way,” summed up entrepreneur.

Russian missile attack on Ternopil – what is known

On May 13, late in the evening, the Russians hit Ternopil with rockets. In the morning, the invaders hit again  , but already in the region. As a result of the attack,  commercial warehouses,  private houses and retail facilities were damaged. In addition, two people were injured.

It is noted that in the burnt warehouses there were goods of local entrepreneurs, as well as humanitarian aid. 

In turn, the Russian Defense Ministry cynically stated that they hit “the points of deployment of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the places of storage of ammunition, weapons and military equipment received from Western countries. The goal of the strike was achieved. All designated objects were hit.”

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