Invaders arrange provocations with explosions to escape from occupied territories – Fedorov


Russian invaders arrange provocations with explosions to justify their escape from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and the announcement of evacuation.

“Yesterday, there were at least two explosions in the town of Melitopol… We know that collaborators are not allowed to go, especially those who came from continental Russia. Everyone is ordered to sit until the last so as not to show that Russia is leaving the temporarily occupied territories. Therefore, collaborators arrange explosions themselves to show that they are being hunted there, and this is an excuse to leave the occupied territories. This is exactly what yesterday’s morning explosion is like,” Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov said during the national news telethon.

At the same time, Fedorov emphasized that the Ukrainian side did not even know about the collaborator whom they allegedly tried to blow up.

The Melitopol mayor noted that the second reason for arranging provocations is the need to find a good reason to announce further evacuation in other settlements.

“If we remember why they announced the evacuation of at least 15 settlements in the temporarily occupied areas of Zaporizhzhia region, the main reason was that it was allegedly dangerous there, Ukraine was allegedly shelling the civilian infrastructure. In fact, this is not true. That is why the enemies themselves began to shell the civilian infrastructure and hunt for some third-rate collaborators,” Fedorov noted.

As reported, in Melitopol on May 12, a garbage can exploded near the section of an apartment block where the so-called “acting deputy minister of construction” of Zaporizhzhia region lived.

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