If Lukashenka dies, KGB will not be able to keep his regime – expert

Evgenia Sokolenko21:22, 05/14/23

The situation in Belarus can change very quickly.

In the event of the death of self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko, the KGB of Belarus will not be able to keep his regime in the country, Belarus will be engulfed in mass protests.

This was stated by ex-SBU worker Ivan Stupak on the air of Espresso, commenting on the 5-day absence of Lukashenka in public. Now many believe that the politician is ill.

“The KGB is their local Belarusian force. However, what is interesting – for example, in Romania, when the Ceausescu regime began to burst at the seams, literally in 6 days his regime fell, the president was shot. Securitate, their special service, which was larger in scope, scale and cruelty than the Belarusian KGB, could not resist the riots. That is, if there are protests among ordinary Belarusians, if they are also joined by people from the regiment of Kastus Kalinouski, who are now fighting for Ukraine, then I am sure that the situation in Belarus will quickly will change,” Stupak explained.

Lukashenka’s illness – what is known

As UNIAN previously reported, Lukashenka became ill at the May 9 parade in Moscow. In this regard, he was called a team of doctors, and then generally sent home. In Minsk, the dictator nevertheless came out to the journalists, limping. Recently it became known that he went to  the presidential clinic  in Drozdy.

According to media reports,  a serious failure occurred in Lukashenka’s body . He provoked diseases of the endocrine system and heart. For the treatment of Lukashenka, Russian professors have repeatedly flown out.

The publication “Nasha Niva” stated that the Belarusian president caught the virus , which had already been diagnosed in several of his relatives.

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  1. “For the treatment of Lukashenka, Russian professors have repeatedly flown out.”

    I think this was not the best of choices for Luka.

  2. given his age and orbid obeasity I would say he had a cardio-pulmanary event.
    It was serious enought cancel his appearences but not so serious that they didn’t rush him to the hospital. That rules out a Widow Maker hartattack or stroke.
    Best guess is he threw a blood clot in his lungs. A pulmenary thrombosis. He would look and feel like shit for a time but would have to be treated quickly with anti-coagulents to desolve it.
    If we are lucky it breaks off goes to his brain and Putin has a succession problem on his hands
    Here’s hopeing.

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