Chinese fakes instead of military radios: the Russian Defense Ministry was deceived by 78 million rubles

Ekaterina Girnyk15:39, 05/14/23

It is noted that Russian volunteers now have to buy civilian walkie-talkies for the front.

In Russia, the manufacturer of special communications equipment, Angstrem, decided to make money on a government order – it supplied the Russian Ministry of Defense with cheap Chinese radios, passing them off as their own development.

According to the Mash Telegram channel , the damage to the Russian Defense Ministry amounted to 78 million rubles.

“The scheme surfaced during the investigation of the case of Colonel-General of the General Staff Khalil Arslanov, who was detained in 2020 and accused of embezzling 6.7 billion rubles in the supply of similar radios. As it turned out, they were purchased from Angstrem,” the report says.

So, “Angstrem” took an order for the production and supply to the Ministry of Defense of the R-187-P1 “Azart” radios. It is noted that after receiving payment for the order, “Chinese gadgets of dubious quality” were purchased for part of the funds. After that, labels were re-glued on them and transferred to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as their own development.

“The total damage is about 78 million rubles. Plus, the predictable shortage of special communications at the front – because of the comprador games of Angstrem, volunteers are forced to buy Baofeng civilian walkie-talkies for the front,” the report says.

Industrial Revolution in Russia

In Russia, industrial mobilization began last summer. Then a special law allowed state institutions that form the state defense order to unilaterally change the terms of contracts with contractors. At the same time, businesses were forbidden to refuse proposed contracts.

Recently it became known that in Russia they began to take away business from those who failed the state defense order . The first such “victim” was NPO Angstrem.

Also, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, said that in order to continue the war against Ukraine,  Russia must nationalize strategic sectors of the economy .

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  1. Fuck, what a laugh, those thick cunts still fall for the old tricks, no independent quality checks, no supervision, nothing.

    In civilised Countries if someone suddenly bought a luxury Yacht or a nice big Villa in Cyprus questions would be asked.
    Not in moskovia though.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed deep, tenacious corruption. In mafia land, that is. It’s been an important factor in making the cockroaches lose this war.

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