Ukrainian military begins deployment of local-made advanced Bastion-2 MLRS rocket launcher

11 MAY 2023 

Ukrainian armed forces field new local-made Bastion-2 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System. (Picture source Telegram)

In April 2014, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine received the upgraded version of the multiple rocket launcher system BM-21, called Bastion-1. The combat capabilities of the rocket system of the Bastion-1 type were first demonstrated in 2009, while the development of the system began in 2008.

According to our source, the version 1 and 2 are both based on the KrAZ-6322RA 6×6 truck chassis, but the Bastion-1 has a length of up to 8.5m while the Bastion-2 truck chassis has a length of 9.32 m. The primary distinguishing feature of the Bastion-2 is its rapid reloading system (RRS). Additionally, the vehicle can house 40 extra rocket missiles in specially designed open charges.

The main feature of the Bastion-2 is the presence of an automatic reloading mechanism, as a result of which fire can be opened within minutes after reloading.

Both Bastion-I and Bastion-II models are outfitted with satellite navigation systems. This feature significantly enhances the MLRS’s autonomy during transportation and while positioned for firing. Additionally, the modernization of these units incorporated the innovations of Orizon-Navigation State Enterprise, a member of Ukroboronprom. This enterprise is a leading entity among former Soviet states in the domain of GLONASS/GPS transceivers and systems derived from it.

The Bastion-2 MLRS version has an elongated wheelbase, allowing it to accommodate additional ammunition. At the same time, another advantage of this combat vehicle, its is also equipped with two portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS).

The Bastion-2 seems to be able to fire all the rocket’s family from the BM-21 with a range from 5 to 20.5 km.


  1. Very nice! This seems to be a very capable system. I think it’ll prove effective to send many cockroaches to hell.

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