UK Defence Intelligence Tells About AFU Advance In Bakhmut And Withdrawal Of Russian Troops

13 MAY 2023

Ukrainian forces regained at least a kilometer of territory in the southern part of Bakhmut, and Russian troops retreated. This is stated in the intelligence review of the British Ministry of Defence.

“Over the last four days, elements of Russia’s 72nd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (72 SMRB) likely withdrew in bad order from their positions on the southern flank of the Bakhmut operation,” it said.

It is noted that this territory has some tactical significance, since it was a Russian bridgehead on the western side of the Donetsk-Donbas canal, which indicates the front line in some parts of the sector.

72 SMRB is an element of Russia’s 3rd Army Corps, a formation created in Autumn 2023 and dogged with allegations of poor morale and limited combat effectiveness.

“Its deployment to such a demanding and operationally important sector highlights Russia’s severe shortage of credible combat units,” the review said.

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