Switzerland allows re-export of weapons to Ukraine – media

Vitaly Saenko13:22, 05/13/23

In particular, changes were made to the law on military equipment.

The Swiss parliament allowed the re-export of weapons to Ukraine after the country’s leader announced in April that Stockholm would remain “neutral” on this issue.

It is reported by Euronews . In particular, both chambers of the Swiss parliament – the National Council and the Council of Cantons – voted to amend the law on military equipment. The changes should allow the supply of military materials to Ukraine in the future. 

Previously, this law prohibited the transfer of weapons and ammunition from Switzerland to third countries. Accordingly, until today, weapons and ammunition purchased from abroad could not be transferred to countries in a state of armed conflict. 

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Switzerland has in the past refused to approve a German request for shells for the German Gepard anti-aircraft tank. 

As SwissInfo reported on May 12, after months of refusing to re-export Swiss weapons to Ukraine, a parliamentary committee on security policy recommended loosening arms export controls. 

Countries such as Spain, Denmark and Germany have been asking Switzerland for more than a year to allow arms exports to Ukraine. 

On Thursday, the committee backed two decisions to loosen rules on the re-export of Swiss weapons. 

One decision concerns the lifting of restrictions on the export of military equipment “in special cases and in case of necessity to ensure national security.” 

Second, it could allow the supply of weapons to countries that are “committed to our values ​​and have similar export controls to Switzerland.” 

Buyers can re-export Swiss weapons after five years, under certain conditions. Re-exports to countries that grossly violate human rights or pose risks to civilians will be blocked. This should allow the re-export of Swiss-made weapons to Ukraine, but not to Russia. 

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  1. “The Swiss parliament allowed the re-export of weapons to Ukraine after the country’s leader announced in April that Stockholm would remain “neutral” on this issue.”

    Is this a typo by the author? Last time I looked, Stockholm was in Sweden.

  2. This news seems not correct in different points: “These proposals, as well as the parliamentary initiative of the National Council (the lex Ukraine) will be taken at the summer session of the Federal Chambers which begins on 30 May.” (Le Matin 12.5)

  3. So, at this rate, maybe by 2027, the corrupt Swiss will fully allow Swiss-made weapons and ammo to be sent to Ukraine.

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