“Soon”: Zelensky announced the first important steps of the counteroffensive

Nadia Prishlyak21:16, 05/13/23

When Ukraine’s counter-offensive starts, everyone will “see for sure” and Russia “will definitely feel it,” the president says.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, during a visit to Italy , told reporters when the Ukrainian counteroffensive would begin. According to him, the Ukrainian forces are seriously preparing, but his frankness in questions about the counteroffensive “will not help Ukraine, but rather will interfere.”

“We are preparing very seriously. And very serious steps will be required. I know that we are all motivated. And not only those who know this whole plan, but our people who are waiting. Your question (about the counteroffensive – UNIAN) is the most relevant in Ukraine, and not only in Ukraine. I cannot answer you. But you will definitely see it, and Russia will definitely feel it,” Zelensky stressed in a conversation with Italian journalists.

Answering a repeated question from media representatives about the time frame for the counteroffensive, Zelensky said: “As a professional, I would like to answer to a professional: we believe in victory and we believe that the first important steps will be taken soon.”

The head of state also noted that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin can be trusted.

“You can’t trust this man if you can call him a man. He’s confused,” Zelensky said. 

The President added that in 2014 Putin accused the “Ukrainian regime”, “the Kiev regime”, but in fact he himself leads a regime that is no different from the Nazi one.

“Well, what other regime? The regime is the most cruel in Russia and this regime was headed by Putin. And this is no different from the Nazi regime,” the President of Ukraine stressed.

Now, the president added, Putin continues to talk about the regime in Ukraine, but he himself no longer hides the fact that he is fighting against our country. 

“And again the regime, and again a full-scale war, but now with mass graves, with torture of people, with kidnapping of children,” the President of Ukraine said. 

Ukraine’s counteroffensive – official statements

Over the past weeks, Ukraine has continued to prepare for a counteroffensive. Accumulates weapons, creates new brigades.

At the end of April, the MOU reported that the preparations were at the finish line. Minister Alexei Reznikov  said that the troops were waiting for a signal from the command.

This week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, commenting on the delays in the counteroffensive, noted that Ukraine was expecting  military assistance from partners.

Authorities also urge not to consider the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as the end of the war . In order to liberate the country from the enemy and establish a just peace, more than one counteroffensive may be required.


  1. “You can’t trust this man if you can call him a man. He’s confused,”

    You can’t call something like that a man. None of those asswipes in the Kremlin are men. They are evil orcs, disgusting cockroaches, wicked creatures, slimy worms …. but not men.

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