“Rostov next”: Girkin in a panic because of the “arrivals” Storm Shadow

Marta Gichko12:20, 05/13/23

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The terrorist predicts that explosions will soon take place not only in Donetsk and Lugansk, but also in Russian cities.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin is in a panic because of long-range  Storm Shadow missile attacks on Lugansk.

Girkin’s eloquent reaction appeared on his Telegram channel . First, he shared the news that yesterday’s “bavovna” in Lugansk was staged by long-range Storm Shadow missiles. 

The terrorist’s prognosis for the future is not very optimistic for Russians. In his opinion, the Ukrainians will now use all the weapons that they have accumulated in their arsenal.

“Rostov is next in line. And not only Rostov,” Girkin commented briefly.

Storm Shadow destroy the invaders

Looks like the Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles have had their baptism of fire at the front. The occupiers claim that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used them at least twice to attack Luhansk.

Today the day in the temporarily occupied Luhansk began with  morning explosions.  During the “arrival” in Lugansk, there is a hit on the old building of the Lugansk Academy of Internal Affairs. Since 2015, the Russian military has been on the site. There may be dead and wounded. Propagandists are already claiming that these were Storm Shadow missiles.

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  1. Perhaps part of Zelensky’s surrender demands should include, if the Moskali try to invade again, the official Ukrainian policy will be to go back to the 1918 borders (except the Polish par of course, lol) to help ensure peace in Ukraine and eliminate the habitual fascists from any access to the Azov or Black Seas…

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