“Rockets are flying!”: A hotel burst into flames in the center of Moscow, the Russians are in shock (video)

Katerina Schwartz15:46, 05/13/23

Russian netizens saw a Ukrainian trace in what happened.

On Saturday afternoon, May 13, a fire broke out in the center of Moscow at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tverskaya Street .

Local Telegram channels publish videos and photos from the scene. Eyewitnesses report plumes of black smoke billowing from the building.

According to the Mash Telegram channel , the fire was extinguished, traffic was opened along the street. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties.

Some Russian Telegram channels write that, according to updated data, building materials were on fire at a construction site outside the hotel.

In the comments under the publications about the fire, Russian users are actively sharing their impressions, some even saw a Ukrainian trace in what happened:

“Plan” interception “urgently. Missiles fly!”, “Apocalypse in Russia today”, “More, more brothers to us”, “Drag more Ukrainians to Russia”, “John Wick overdid it”, “What’s going on?”, “Shock “,” The line is getting redder.

Fire in the center of MoscowPozhezha near the center of Moscow

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