Orban questioned the existence of the European Union: “What is the meaning of the EU?”

Yana Stavskaya15:56, 05/13/23

Orban, one of Putin’s friends, has repeatedly made anti-Ukrainian statements.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban , whose government is largely financially dependent on EU aid, lashed out at the European bloc.

According to Bloomberg , in a speech in Veszprem, one of the cultural cities of the EU, the pro-Russian Hungarian leader blamed the European Union for the economic downturn and for its deep support with weapons and money for the defending Ukraine. 

“The modern form of European cooperation has been driven by two missions: peace and prosperity. If it can’t fulfill its two original missions, then what’s the point in the EU?” Orban asked.

The publication notes that Orban’s anti-European rhetoric intensified after Brussels increased financial pressure on his country. Earlier, the European Union suspended more than $30 billion in aid to Hungary due to corruption in the country’s government. 

Orban and Russia – Hungary’s position on the war in Ukraine

Orban, one of Putin’s friends, has repeatedly made anti-Ukrainian statements. He scared, for example, the victory of Ukraine  will lead to the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. Repeatedly, the Hungarian prime minister argued that the EU should lift the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation , as these measures allegedly deepened the recession in Hungary. 

Orban also urged the EU to consider ending aid to Ukraine as a way to end the war, which critics say effectively called for Ukraine’s surrender. 

Moreover, Orban no longer hides the fact that he himself has territorial claims against Ukraine , and called Ukraine  “an economically non-existent country.”

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  1. Good question. Hungary has no right to be in the EU. So, JUST LEAVE. and return the 60 billion euro you got during that time! And leave NATO too! Arriverdeci!

  2. Package deal? With Luka in a coma in Minsk, the Anschluss of Belarus with the Russia is a formality, instead Crimea will return to Ukraine after a fight. It will be a long hot summer.

  3. Orban is sucking on air because the EU has frozen Hungary’s aid money. That’s right, the little trash country can’t survive without the billions from the EU. Maybe they should keep the money until the Hungarians who are still democrats throw this dumbass where he belongs … in a cold, dark, moist prison.

    • Hear, hear…
      The EU and NATO are supposed to have “like-minded” members. How can you have like-minded members when they support genocide in their backyard and refuse weapons to smaller neighbors just trying to defend their ancient lands? Such irregularities ought to be able to be sidelined instead of empowered with vetoes.

      • Speaking of vetoes, Scholz wants the EU states to no longer have to decide everything unanimously in their common foreign policy. This would help a lot to make the EU more flexible and more decisive.

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