Large-scale alarm in Ukraine: the enemy strikes, air defense works, there are “arrivals”

Katerina Chernovol23:45, 05/13/23

It is reported about the “arrival” in the industrial zone in Ternopil.

A large-scale air alert has been declared in Ukraine. The Russian occupation troops are attacking Ukrainian cities, and air defense is working in many areas. In Ternopil there is an “arrival” to the industrial zone.

“According to preliminary data, we have arrived in the industrial zone of Ternopil. Do not leave the shelters until the end of the air raid, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for the work of our air defense,” said Mikhail Golovko, chairman of the Ternopil Regional Council.

An alarm in the region was announced at 22:12. The head of the UVA, Vladimir Trush, strongly urged people to stay in shelters.

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“Residents of the Ternopil region, I urge you not to publish photos and videos and not to comment on the directions of possible sounds of the explosion. Now experts are working in the city and the region. We will provide all the information later,” he added.

Trush later reported that there was a threat of more attacks in the area. Because of this, residents are urged not to leave the shelters.

Map of alarms as of 23:40 May 13 / screenshot
Map of alarms as of 23:40 May 13 / screenshot

The heads of the Lviv and Poltava OVAs also urged not to ignore the air alert. Residents of the Khmelnitsky region are asked not to leave shelters. At the same time, the Zhytomyr Regional Military District warned of the threat of a missile strike by enemy strategic aviation.

In the Kiev Regional Military District , they noted that there is a missile danger, air defense systems are operating in the region. At the same time, the Kyiv city military administration reported that air defense was operating on the outskirts of the capital. Residents were urged to stay in shelters.

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  1. It is worth noting that for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war, on February 24, 2022, the Russians launched a missile attack on Ternopil. It is noted that the alarm in the region was announced at 22:12.

  2. Updated: The head of the Ternopil Regional Military District Volodymyr Trush reported on the injured as a result of the shelling.

    “Two civilians were injured. Pre-shrapnel wounds and burns. The victims are in hospitals. They are provided with all the necessary assistance,” he wrote on Telegram .

    According to him, there is a hit in warehouses belonging to commercial enterprises and a religious organization. Firefighters are on the scene.

    “The fire has not yet been completely extinguished. Specialists will be at the scene of the incident all night. I ask all residents of the Ternopil region not to be near the fire in any case. I remind you that the curfew continues! We will provide more information after the conclusions of the specialists,” Trush emphasized.

    • It is also notable that the Moskali launched this attack on Ternopil exactly the same time as the Ukrainian entry for Eurovision was performing….and they are also from Ternopil. I don’t believe in coincidences….
      On a side note, one of the craters in Ternopil is a full 10 meters deep.
      Slava Ukraini~~!!

      • CNN confirmed the Moakali strikes on Ternopil during the Ternopil performer at Eurovision.
        I wonder if the UN will see signs of genocide yet?
        As of 8am Ternopil time there are no dead but 2 in the hospital. The water and power are working fine. I can’t find any more specifics.

        • With this act, the cockroaches only wanted to underline the fact that they are disgusting, evil creatures to everyone on this planet. Everyone on this planet already knows, except other disgusting, evil creatures (Trump, Carlson, Seagal, et al.)

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