Helicopter crashes in Bryansk region, air defense may have been shot down (video)

Yuri Kobzar13:12, 05/13/23

Published videos hint that the helicopter could be shot down by an air defense system.

In the city of Klintsy , Bryansk region , located about 50 km from the border with Ukraine, a helicopter crashed. This is reported by local publics in social networks.

“First, a helicopter flew, then a strong explosion,” reports the local telegram channel Overheard Klintsy .

According to eyewitnesses, the helicopter circled over the city for a long time, after which it crashed on a house in the private sector.

Judging by the published video from the scene, it can be assumed that the helicopter exploded in the air – it is possible that as a result of being hit by an air defense missile.

One of the videos published on social networks is signed “The moment the turntable was shot down.”

Official services so far only confirm the fact of the crash.

https://www.unian.net/player/ltJ3rcTa?autoplay=1&tl=false&to=trueHelicopter crashed in Russia

https://www.unian.net/player/sCyHjfcu?autoplay=1&tl=false&to=trueThe moment of knocking down the turntable

Russian helicopter accidents

In recent days, this is the third crash of Russian helicopters. So, on the eve it became known that in the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation, the pilot made an emergency landing of a helicopter, while damaging the oil pumping station.

A more serious incident occurred in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea. There, the Russian helicopter has already suffered a full-fledged crash . The pilots are dead.

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