“Going according to plan”: Colonel of the SBU called the main version of the plane crash in Russia

Katerina Schwartz18:40, 05/13/23

The Russian Federation itself continues to demilitarize, Roman Kostenko noted.

Most likely, the Russians themselves shot down all four aircraft (two fighters and two helicopters) in the Bryansk region on May 13.

This opinion was expressed by SBU Colonel, People’s Deputy Roman Kostenko, noting that the very fact of the fall of Russian aircraft is a good fact, Channel 24 reports .

“Russia itself continues to demilitarize. The task of the “special operation” is proceeding according to plan. Can this continue to happen? Of course,” he said.

Kostenko also suggested that one of the Mi-8 helicopters could have been shot down from an anti-aircraft missile system:

“Most likely, he really was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile system or there was some kind of explosion that may have been planned. I have never seen an engine explode on an airplane just like that.”

There was a moment of the fall of the helicopter Mi-8 invaders in KlintsyThere was a moment of the fall of the helicopter Mi-8 invaders in Klintsy

Aircraft crash in Russia on May 13 – what was reported

Recall, according to Russian media, on May 13, two Mi-8 helicopters , as well as two Su-34 and Su-35 fighter-bombers, fell in the Bryansk region .

Commenting on this air crash in the Bryansk region, the military-political expert Kovalenko noted that the loss of the Su-34 and Su-35 is the most difficult for the Russian air fleet to replace.

And the Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov ( Girkin) unexpectedly praised the Ukrainian air defense , which is allegedly behind the plane crash in the Bryansk region.

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