Airplane crash near Bryansk: Girkin unexpectedly praised Ukrainian air defense

Violetta Orlova18:22, 05/13/23

Today, two Mi-8 helicopters, as well as one Su-34 and one Su-35 fighter-bomber crashed in the Bryansk region.

Russian terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin) unexpectedly praised the Ukrainian air defense, which is allegedly behind the plane crash in the Bryansk region . 

In his Telegram channel, Strelkov said that he “cannot help but appreciate the brilliant operation” for “one-day one-time destruction of four air targets by means of MANPADS in our deep rear.”

“Good job,” Girkin said without irony. At the same time, the militant traditionally called the representatives of the Russian military-political leadership “d*ndons from the Russian Defense Ministry.” 

Planefall in the Bryansk region – the main thing

On the afternoon of May 13, 2023, two Mi-8 helicopters , as well as one Su-34 fighter-bomber and one Su-35, crashed in the Bryansk region.

It was reported that the Russian planes were shot down when they went to bomb the Ukrainian border areas. And after them – search and rescue Mi-8.

It was preliminarily assumed that the Mi-8, which was one of the first to be caught on video, was shot down by the Russian air defenses themselves, mistaking it for an enemy target. True, in Russian Telegram channels they will hysteria about the involvement of Ukraine. 

All pilots were killed. Propagandists dubbed today the “black day of Russian aviation.” 

Separately, it was stated that the “T” department of the FSB of the Russian Federation was instructed to immediately strengthen control to prevent and suppress possible new attacks , including using unmanned submarines, on large objects, in particular the Crimean bridge.

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