Putin “twisted” a nest of gold in Africa: the expert declassified the secret of the refuge (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko15:30, 05/12/23

The Russian leader is not in vain “predisposed” to African countries.

The leader of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is not in vain pushing Russia towards rapprochement with Africa : in one of the countries of the continent, he “twisted” a nest for himself with a bunch of gold, jewelry and currency.

According to Russian political scientist Valery Solovy, this is a secret residence-castle, where Putin plans to escape in the event of his political defeat. Inside Nightingale told the Kremlin opposition journalist Yulia Latynina. 

According to Nightingale, the founder of PMC Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin prepared the African “citadel” for Putin:

“He created it, a real citadel. Under the ground it’s a palace, on the surface it’s a citadel, it’s almost impossible to take it. It’s just in the Central African Republic and in a couple of places, as they say, there are spare points. part of the precious metals and dollars on pallets. In physical form, dollars are stored on pallets,” Nightingale specified. 

He pointed out that during the introduction of the “Wagnerites” in Africa, Putin, together with Prigogine, did not expect a “defeatist” scenario in Ukraine: “And now there is a clear understanding that the war will end in” fire and storm “. Everyone is preparing for the end, each differently,” he said.

Therefore, the fate of Putin’s “hiding place” is in question. Perhaps the vast majority of gold will return to Russia.

“After all, there are people who know where it is and are responsible for it,” Solovey stressed. 

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if putin’s influence there causes another problem of hyperinflation. Communism was indirectly responsible (perhaps also directly) for hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. I think the dictator there actually had solid gold plumbing fixtures at his palace while his people suffered in extreme poverty.

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