EU authorities estimate the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 13 thousand killed – media

Yuri Kobzar13:07, 05/12/23

An internal EU document for officials fell into the hands of journalists.

The total losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine are about 13 thousand people killed. The European news agency EURACTIV writes about this .

The publication claims that excerpts from an internal EU document, drawn up “on the basis of Ukraine’s messages to member states, media reports and intelligence leaks,” fell into their hands. It says that “the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amount to 13,000 people killed during the fighting and an additional 35,000 wounded in battle.”

The same document notes that the United States estimates the losses of Kiev at 17,500 people killed in battle, and in general – from 124,000 to 131,000 people, taking into account the seriously wounded, missing and retired for other reasons. Moreover, it is immediately stated that the real level of Ukrainian losses is lower than such an assessment by the United States.

Russian losses in the document are estimated at 185,000 killed and 555,000 wounded. It is noted that this is the data provided by the Ukrainian side.

It also cites data compiled by the Americans (from 189,500 to 223,000 people, including 43,000 people killed in battle) and British intelligence (about 200,000 killed and wounded Russian soldiers).

“This shows that the wounded Russians are likely not getting from the front line [to the hospital], while the protocols for evacuation, rescue and management of the wounded seem to be much more effective on the Ukrainian side,” military expert Romain Milkarek explained to the publication.

Losses of Ukraine and Russia in the war – what is known

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on May 12, Russia has already lost more than 197 thousand people killed in Ukraine . Russia last announced its losses back in September. Then the figure was named – almost 6 thousand people were killed.

Ukraine tries not to voice data on its losses. The last time the figures were officially announced by the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office Mikhail Podolyak on December 1 last year. Then he described the combat losses of Ukraine as “from 10 to 12.5-13 thousand dead . “

In mid-April, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said the total number of Ukrainian soldiers killed was “less than the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey.” Those. less than 50 thousand . The very next day, he had to publicly apologize for such a wording.

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  1. We estimated early on that the casualties might be at 10:1 and it looks like we were pretty close. I suppose this fact could end up as another chapter Ukraine has written in the history of warfare. Slava Ukraini~~!! Heroyam slava~~!!

    • Closer to 15 to 1. But Russians only attack civilian targets……………Ukraine only militairy targets.

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