Borrell threatened China with worse relations if Beijing doesn’t push Putin for peace

Vitaly Saenko21:45, 05/12/23

In particular, relations between the European Union and China will not develop normally if China does not force Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell threatened China with worsening relations with the European Union if Beijing does not put pressure on the Russian Federation to stop the war against Ukraine. According to an UNIAN correspondent, Borrell said this in Stockholm at a briefing after an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers. 

“Relations between the European Union and China will not develop normally unless China forces Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. We call on China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, to influence Russia to stop this war and play a constructive role in order to obtain a just peace for Ukraine,” Borrell said. 

The high representative of the European Union added that it is very important for the EU that China understands that Russia’s war against Ukraine is an existential threat. “We expect China to use its role and its obligations. If this is not the case, our relations will not be as good,” Borrell added. 

Relations between China and the EU against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine – latest news

Borrell recently said that China has already lost the opportunity to mediate in the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. 

Earlier, the High Representative of the EU has repeatedly stated that he has no evidence that China can supply weapons to the Russian Federation.

According to the Financial Times, the EU leadership is considering imposing sanctions against China for supporting the Russian military-industrial complex during the war in Ukraine. 

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