“Who will it fly on the head?”: Girkin reacted to the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine

Violetta Orlova17:05, 11.05.23

These missiles are capable of “deceiving” enemy air defenses. Just a few Storm Shadows will be enough to hit the Crimean Bridge.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin) “smoked” with new insults against the Kremlin authorities against the backdrop of the transfer of Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine and negotiations to extend the “grain deal”.

The militant considered Moscow’s reaction to the supply of new types of high-precision weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine too soft. “In the meantime, the British are preparing for us (And for whom else? Whom will they fly on their heads?) long-range cruise missiles (with a flight range of up to 250 km) – amazing people from the Kremlin are preparing to extend the so-called” grain for another two months deal,” Girkin wrote. 

The Russian terrorist sees Ukraine’s plans to allegedly take the Russian-controlled enclave of Transnistria by “storm”, and in the port of Odessa itself – “shock sabotage squads” that keep Crimea in suspense with their “sea and air drones.”

At the end, Girkin whined about the threat of a military defeat: “And there, you see, the “offensive” will successfully unfold and no “deals with the stupid Kremlin grandfathers” will be needed anymore – Odessa and its communications will already be safe …”

Storm Shadow in Ukraine – what is known

On May 11, 2023, British Defense Secretary Ben  Wallace confirmed the transfer to Ukraine of long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles  with an announced range of at least 250 km.

At the same time, a few days ago, information appeared on the net  only about London’s intentions to purchase a certain number of long-range missiles  for Ukraine. To this end, Britain was looking for appropriate companies.

Storm Shadow – opportunities to reach

Storm Shadow cruise missiles are able to “deceive” enemy air defenses due to low-altitude flight. The rocket, in fact, is programmed on the ground. In order for it to hit a target, it must be lifted into the air and directed in the direction of this target. The rocket itself will do the rest.

In addition to the ability to bypass enemy air defenses, Storm Shadow is also protected from the actions of a variety of enemy suppression electronic systems.

Experts note that just a few Storm Shadows will be enough to hit the Crimean bridge.

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