What the Storm Shadow missiles, which were handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are capable of: secret capabilities revealed

Yana Stavskaya16:13, 05/11/23

Storm Shadow is also protected from the actions of a variety of enemy suppression electronic systems.

Storm Shadow cruise missiles , which Britain secretly supplied to Ukraine and even confirmed this transfer, are able to “deceive” enemy air defenses thanks to low-altitude flight, Defense Express expert Valery Ryabykh said in a comment to NV (restricted material). 

He noted that conversations around the transfer of these missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine had been going on since at least the fall of 2022. Then they discussed, in particular, their adaptation to the Su-25 aircraft, which are already in service with the Ukrainian Air Force.

“A missile is, in fact, programmed on the ground. In order for it to hit a target, it must be lifted into the air and directed in the direction of this target. The rest will be done by the missile itself,” Ryabykh said.

In addition to the ability to bypass enemy air defenses, Storm Shadow is also protected from the actions of a variety of enemy suppression electronic systems.

Unlike the half-blind Russian terrorist missiles, it is a precision missile. “And besides the fact that the flight of this missile is provided by an inertial system, a GPS guidance system, at the final section of the trajectory, the protective cap of the missile is dropped and the optical head comes into action, which allows you to identify targets directly when the missile approaches,” the expert noted. 

According to him, just a few Storm Shadows will be enough to hit the Crimean Bridge: “This is facilitated by the weight of the unitary main warhead, which can carry up to 450 kg of explosive. Of course, such a strike allows you to destroy most of the enemy’s protected objects.”

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  1. I do hope that the bridge will be a primary target. But, I think that the AFU will know exactly which targets will be annihilated.

    • Got to be the bridge. With that destroyed, the orcs supply lines are halved immediately.

      • I agree. The bridge should get destroyed. But, there are some who think it’s better to leave it intact to allow the roaches to scatter back to mafia land. I say, let them swim!

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