Trump refused to call Putin a war criminal and “rewarded” him with compliments

Veronika Prokhorenko07:21, 11.05.23

The former US president said that his frankness could hinder the negotiation process with the Russian Federation.

Former US leader Donald Trump avoided answering questions about whether Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is a war criminal .

The politician got into an awkward situation during a televised debate on  CNN . In response to a direct question about Putin’s crimes, he stated that his frankness could hinder the negotiation process with the Russian Federation, and that such topics should not be discussed now. 

“If you’re going to say he’s a war criminal, it’s going to be much harder to make a deal to resolve this case (to end the war – ed.),” Trump explained.

He noted that the topic of Putin’s crimes should be discussed “later.” At the same time, Trump said that if he had been the president of the USA during the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the war would not have happened at all. 

“His mistake was that he invaded. He would never invade if I were president,” he added.

Trump also “rewarded” the leader of the Russian Federation with a series of compliments. In particular, he called him “very cunning” and “very smart”. 

The US Senate recognized Putin as a war criminal

We will remind that, contrary to Trump’s political position, the US Senate on March 16 supported the resolution that Putin is a war criminal and that he should be tried accordingly. Then the initiator of the document was Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. 

Previously , US leader Joe Biden recognized the war crimes committed by Putin and the Russian army in Ukraine (especially in Buch) . 

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  1. Trump also “rewarded” the leader of the Russian Federation with a series of compliments. In particular, he called him “very cunning” and “very smart”.


    • I’m not optimistic the US will even be a country by then. There is a good chance that Ukraine outlasts us.

      Trump is calling for the US to go bankrupt and default on debt (it’s his thing you know with his companies) unless his terms are agreed to. Nobody has to listen to him of course, but maybe enough will.

      The US wouldn’t survive that. Maybe the EU would buy our weapons on the cheap and sell or donate them to you.

      Goodbye America. It was nice while it lasted but spending on wars since 2001 has ruined you. It’s unfortunate we didn’t save for a rainy day. Surely Ukraine deserves as much support as we can give.

  2. Self-centeredness, populism, lying, the big despicable mix.

    If Trump himself doesn’t convince the readers of this column that he’s a fucking bastard, a collaborator, it’s hopeless. Surely the first whore of the Orc harem.

  3. Being Ukrainian, and a Trump supporter, admitting Putin is a war criminal, serves no purpose at this time. Bill Clinton has not, nor has Barrack Obama, in past Presidents.

    Biden has, but then again, Biden alters HIMARS and refuses to provide us with F16’s or long range weapons too. So Biden cannot be trusted and his word is about has good as a child enticed with a ice cream cone.

    • A Ukrainian that supports Trump.
      I cannot think of any greater delusion.

      That is basically like a Jew telling the is a Nazi.

  4. Trump is a traitor. But, too many Americans refuse to see him as one. They are brainwashed baboons, no better than the ones in mafia land.
    Trump belongs in a prison, for a very long time.

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