The Ministry of Defense of Poland confirmed the fall of a Russian missile on the territory of the country

Irina Pogorelaya21:23, 05/11/23

The Minister of Defense of Poland told the details of the investigation of the incident.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed that in December 2022, a Russian cruise missile flew into the country’s airspace and crashed.

He noted that the Polish military did not notify the government and did not organize a search for the fallen rocket, reports the BBC . Blaszczak said that a check he ordered after the accidental discovery of rocket fragments showed that the Polish military received information about the rocket from Ukrainian colleagues, but did not do what was needed in such a case.

“It was established that on December 16, the air operations center received from the Ukrainian military data about an object approaching Polish airspace, which could be a missile,” the Polish minister said.

“According to the findings of the audit, the operational commander did not fulfill his duties and did not inform me and other services, as provided for in the event of an object appearing in Polish airspace,” Blaszczak said, adding that he first heard about the missile in April, after finding its wreckage.

In this regard, the minister added that the search for the fallen Russian missile was also not organized in the right way. Only a police patrol was sent to the fall area, and only on December 19 they sent a helicopter to search and on the same day curtailed this modest search operation.

Russian rocket in Poland

The Kh-55 cruise missile was fired on December 16, 2022 by a Russian aircraft taking off from an airport in Belarus. The rocket flew several hundred kilometers and fell in the western part of Poland in a forest area. She was accidentally found by a local resident at the end of April this year.

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  1. No doubt the Kremlin is pleased Poland did not take any action after this missile attack.

  2. This stinks of more NATO cowardice. Ukraine said all along it wasn’t their missile.

    • Copy that. Poland has been so fervent in defending Ukraine that this episode just doesn’t match up. Plus, the article says the debris fell in western Poland. Western? From Belarus? And Ukraine, not NATO, notified the Poles? Yeah, this stinks and I don’t think we’ve heard the whole story yet. It is quite the dichotomy though, NATO wants to honor and respect the Moscow Misfits but Ukraine wants to kick them in the teeth. Guess which tactic is working?……

        • It could be Sir Foccusser. Perhaps they wanted to let Ukraine take the blame for this period of time. I know in other forums the RTrolls still use it to bash Ukraine. I have maintained all along that Biden wants this war to last through the election so it can serve as a distraction.

    • “Ukraine said all along it wasn’t their missile.”

      You seem to be mixing up this missile, which was fired on December 16 and landed close to the village of Zamosc near the northern city of Bydgoszcz, with the one a month earlier that landed outside the village of Przewodow. The one in November killed 2 people and was (according to Polish and NATO) likely fired by Ukrainian forces.

  3. I wanted to mention this on a more relevant article, but if I’d missed it from the previous news, then sorry about that. During a town hall meeting with video coverage by CNN, Trump was asked about what he’d do for Ukraine’s war, IF he got a second term as President. He answered ambiguously, saying that he wanted everyone (on both sides) to stop dying, and would make sure he’d find a quick end to the conflict. Even said within 24 hours. Now I don’t know if I can really believe that of course, he seemed to push a “keep them guessing” answer. That seems to have worked with keeping china out of Taiwan, so either Trump has a bad-ass super plan, or he’s bluffing. Like it or hate it, I figured this would be worth some interest.

    • He also said he’d balance the federal budget ‘fairly quickly’ and that he’d be able to wipe out the United States’s debt. Instead, the debt increased by 7 trillion. You can’t believe anything he says.

      Considering that he’s Putin’s puppet, his plan is probably to let Putin keep whatever he wants in exchange for a Trump golf course on Crimea.

      • Biden (or someone or group using him as a figurehead) has been the one in charge for the last two and a half years. Starting from the start of biden’s term, the United States’ economy is running into serious threat of debt default for a second time. During Trump’s term, the economy was strengthening, and prices of the food I pay for were 2/3rds cheaper than what I’m paying during biden’s term.

        I may yet vote for a different Republican for president next year, but not because debt and a struggling economy. I have other reasons to feel unhappy with Trump. Of course Trump created debt, no matter who’s at the desk, it costs money to provide even the most basic services. But most recent American debt is biden’s, and he seems to refuse any negotiations to cut government. Anyway it’s around 4:00 in the morning, and I need to get ready for work.

        • The *only* reason we’re running a risk of debt default is because of Kevin McCarthy. The only thing that needs to be done to avoid it is pass a clean debt ceiling hike.

          “for a second time” – Right. The last time idiot Republicans played this game, they caused the first downgrade of America’s credit rating in history. Let’s hope there are enough adults in the room to keep them from trashing the economy this time.

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