Seriously Sick Or Poisoned: What Is Happening To Lukashenka?

The sudden disappearance of the dictator from the public field has given rise to new versions.


Lukashenka has disappeared almost for a day from the public after obvious health problems at the May 9 parade in Moscow. After the dictator, due to health problems, was unable to deliver a speech at the laying of flowers at the Eternal Flame monument in Minsk, his press service is completely silent.

As the website reported, the dictator was unable to walk 300 meters at the parade in Moscow – Putin’s guards had to give him a ride. Also, a piece of fabric, similar to a bandage, was noticed on Lukashenka’s hand. Besides, the dictator did not make his traditional speech at the laying of wreaths at the Victory Monument.

Yesterday, a Telegram channel close to the dictator’s press service published an old video with Lukashenka being ill, a picture of an exhibition in his palace and a text message sent to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the 100th anniversary of his father’s birth.

The sudden disappearance of the dictator from the public gave rise to new versions of his health condition.

Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gordon believes that Lukashenka could have been poisoned and will die soon.

He stated this on the air of the Khodorkovsky Live YouTube channel.

“Keep an eye on Lukashenka. I think he was poisoned and will die soon. Keep a close eye on him,” Gordon said.

The military expert Oleksandr Musienko expressed the same version.

He noted that the Kremlin has repeatedly resorted to this method of eliminating objectionable persons, and frequent meetings between Lukashenka and Putin provided opportunities for poisoning the Belarusian dictator.

At the same time, the expert does not exclude that Lukashenka may simply have health problems.

Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrei Piontkovsky, in an interview with the Ukrainian Channel 24, stressed that Lukashenka looked very bad at the parade in Moscow, and voiced a forecast about the possible imminent death of the dictator.

“Lukashenka really felt very bad at the parade. They were all very unhappy. Lukashenka could not even reach the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. They gave him a ride in some kind of wheelchair or some kind of car.

Everyone is waiting for Putin to die, but in this race, Lukashenka can get ahead of him, it seems to me,” said the Russian opposition politician.


  1. Luka is not young anymore, and he’s overweight. Equals sickness.
    Luka is close to the Kremlin fascist runt. Equals poisoning-
    It really doesn’t matter. Once he’s gone, it’s one down, one more to go.

    • I honestly want him alive until the war is over. Lukachenko has so far successfully kept Belarus out of the war, which helps Ukraine as it doesn’t have to put so many troops at the border with Belarus.

      I think this is the reason he probably has been poisoned, as Lukachenko is sabotaging the union state and did not commit any forces to fight Ukraine.

      When he dies, Belarus will probably get some gauleiter appointed by Putin. Lukachenko obviously sucks, but he is very predictable.

      I think only after the war the Russian state will be weakened enough so there can be conditions for a fair election in Belarus.

      • I have the same feeling about this. But what more can a “collaborator” give than what Luka gave the Kremlin dwarf? The Belarusian mobilization? it can start a civil war! Worse situation.

        Moreover, if Luka dies, it is the Belarusian security council (dominated by his son) that takes power

      • I doubt it that Belarus can be more useful for mafia land without Luka. Except for troops, he’s already sacrificed everything the runt wanted. Sending the ill-trained and worse-equipped Belarusians into Ukraine won’t help and would probably do more harm. They’re already binding numerous Ukrainians at the border region.
        Who knows what ails Luka. Sickness is the most likely cause, but we’re talking about mafia land and its minion, which makes poisoning also a possibility, for whatever reason.
        I also want Luka to live, so that he can be put on trial after mafia land’s defeat.

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