Putin’s henchman Schroeder celebrated Victory Day at the Russian Embassy in Berlin – media

Alexander Topchy23:18, 05/11/23

The reception at the Russian embassy was also attended by one of the leaders of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party and a number of other German politicians.

Gerhard Schroeder , a former German chancellor and big fan of the bloody Putin regime in Russia , along with a number of other German politicians, attended a May 9 reception at the Russian embassy in Berlin on the occasion of Victory Day.

German publications Bild and Berliner Zeitung write about this . In particular, Tino Khrupalla, leader of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, was visiting the Russian embassy.

“And together they have shown without hesitation which side of the war in Ukraine they are on: the side of the Kremlin dictator and military tyrant Vladimir Putin. The barbaric war of aggression is ignored – the massacre of civilians, the rape of women, the kidnapping of children,” writes Bild.

It is noted that Khrupalla brought and handed over to Putin’s ambassador Sergei Nechaev some gift in blue wrapping paper, which was captured by the Berliner Zeitung photographer. The AfD leader chose for this occasion a tie in the national colors of Russia: white, blue and red.

Schroeder’s wife, Kim So-yeon, honorary head of the AfD Alexander Gauland, Left Party spokesman Klaus Ernst and former SED general secretary Egon Krenz were also on the guest list, according to German media reports.

“Schroeder, the bosses of the AfD and Egon Krenz, who was in prison for ordering to shoot at the fugitives from the GDR Wall – what a mixture of guests!” Bild notes.

The reception was also attended by diplomatic representatives from the CIS countries, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as a representative from China. Western ambassadors did not attend the reception in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a short speech at the reception, Nechaev recalled that the German “death machine” claimed the lives of 27 million Soviet citizens. He also expressed his gratitude to other “allies” and all the resistance members who fought “on the side of the Soviet Union” against the National Socialists.

The Russian ambassador criticized the ban on the use of Russian flags in Berlin to commemorate the victory over fascism and said that “there should be no revival of Nazism”, even in the form of a new “Russophobia”.

Bild also recalls that in recent months, representatives of the AfD and the Left Party have been cooperating on issues related to Russia. The American newspaper The Washington Post published intelligence data about the Kremlin’s plans to organize a coup in Germany with the help of one of the leaders of the “left” Sarah Wagenknecht and the right-wing AfD.

Greens spokesperson Rebecca Harms called Khrupalla, Ernst and Schroeder “Putin’s German henchmen in Russia’s war of extermination against Ukraine.”

In a commentary to the Berliner Zeitung, Klaus Ernst said that he came “despite the difficult situation due to the war” because “Russia played a decisive role in the defeat of fascism.” Without Russia’s victory, his life allegedly would have turned out differently, “so today is an important day.”

Khrupalla tweeted that he went to the reception “not to thank for the release” but “to explain the German view of history and modernity.”

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  1. Poopin is getting fringe support from the Left and Right in Germany just like he does in the US. I’m glad the German newspapers showed their worth by highlighting the fact the support was from both sides, it gives them a lot of credibility that’s sorely lacking presently in the US.

  2. There is a lot of putrid rot in Western politics and even in its electorate. We have Trump, Gaetz and all the other fascist crime syndicate supporters, France has Le Pen, et al, and Germany has the entire AfD and the grease ball Schröder, et al. And so forth, in virtually every country. Why?
    They all have either forgotten what it means to have supported and/or appeased Adolf Hitler, or have never learned it due to limited education. This proves the stupidity of the human race, with so many willing to repeat such grave mistakes … mistakes that brought an incomprehensible disaster upon tens of millions of people across an entire continent and unprecedented death and destruction.
    The supporters of Putin are filthy little demons, dancing on the corpses of his victims.

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