‘Not very good news’ coming out of Bakhmut, says Russian milliblogger

A Russian milliblogger has said there’s “not very good news” coming out of Bakhmut, with Moscow’s forces losing several positions in the eastern city. 

Voenkor Kotenok wrote on Telegram that the “enemy”, referring to Ukraine, has been advancing from the Artemovsky direction. 

“As of 17:50 Moscow time, the following positions on the flanks have been lost,” he said, sharing the map below. 

The areas highlighted in blue are the ones he claims have been lost. 

It builds on growing reports that Russian forces are being forced to retreat from the fiercely contested city as Ukraine gains the upper hand after months of fighting.


  1. This must be mind-blowing for the cockroaches. They spent masses of meat puppets, who knows how much material, and months of time just to encroach bit by bit on Bakhmut. Then, they lose two km in short order.

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