In Russia, they will hysteria because of secret deliveries of cruise missiles to Ukraine: they are waiting for strikes on Moscow (photo)

Yana Stavskaya15:06, 05/11/23

The Russians suggest that the next aid to Ukraine will be missiles with a range of 1,500 km.

Russians at the highest level and at the level of social networks have already reacted to the leaked information about the secret supply of long-range missiles by Britain for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As always, the enemy is hysterical and dreams of hitting London with Zircons.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, in his usual restrained manner, replied that the Kremlin was “very negative” about such assistance. “This will require an adequate response from our military, who, naturally, from a military point of view, will make appropriate decisions against this background,” the TASS propaganda agency quoted Peskov as saying .

The Russians, who support the murders of Ukrainians, accuse Moscow itself of supplying missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Well, Belgorod will be destroyed, well, what the fuck? building of the Crimean bridge” / “Is it working out, should the central regions get ready?”. 

Or they assume that the next help will be missiles with a range of 1,500 km. 

Russian users do not hide the fact that they feel that at the crucial moment the Kremlin elite will simply run away from the country.

Others hope that now the Russian Federation is allegedly obliged to strike at Britain’s infrastructure: “An excellent occasion to test new types of strategic nuclear weapons (strategic nuclear weapons – ed.) against” small Britain ” / “Sarmat or Poseidon?” / “Let them wait for the tsunami” / “We must already hit the Britons (beat) if we want to win!” / “Poseidon is already on his way to Foggy Albion”.  

Part of the indignant audience of Z-publics calls for “more actively throwing rockets” at Ukraine. And some openly mock the reaction of the Russian government itself: “An excellent reason for Medvedev to write something threatening” / “Tolerate” / “Do you think the brown line has not been passed yet?” There are those among Z-fans who doubt the veracity of the information and refuse to believe in it. 

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  1. They (orcs) are less verbose when it comes to talking about arms deliveries by their allies. South Africa reportedly loaded weapons and ammunition onto a freighter bound for Orcland in December. (Reuben Brigety)

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