US will not follow UK in providing Ukraine with long-range missiles

10 MAY 2023

The administration of US President Joe Biden does not plan to follow the example of the UK in sending long-range missiles to Ukraine.


Details: Politico noted that the US considers this problem solved thanks to the planned supply from the UK.

London intends to send missiles with a range of 300km to Kyiv.

That’s the same range as the Army Tactical Missile System, known as ATACMS, which Washington has refused to transfer to Ukraine.

Politico quoted a US official as saying that “our policy on ATACMS has not changed”. Instead, he stated that the US would continue to provide Ukraine with Patriot systems, ammunition and armoured combat vehicles.

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  1. We do not have a strong, upright president in the White House, with foresight and courage. We have a marshmallow with a staff made of jellyfish. Bad times for the US and the free world. The Chinese dragon is licking its chops. Iran is laughing, North Korea is drooling, mafia land is snickering.

  2. Except the Chinese dragon knows those ATACMS are all waiting for it.

    If the US did provide weapons to hit Russia, who is to say that Russia wouldn’t provide Iran, North Korea or other radical terrorist groups with weapons to hurt the US. Russia would of course deny involvement in any attack.

    Escalation is a dangerous game and Biden is wise to be conservative.

    I hope the CIA is playing the same game though and helping build up Ukrainian domestic production. I really assume they are and would burn Biden in effigy if it were learned they weren’t.

  3. For me weakness, fear of escalation,… are not consistent with the facts from one yers of war. Red line is a dashed green line today. Practically no more weapons are taboo (remember the hysterical Kremlin with the first Himars)

    In the end, there is not much choice: Moscow will have to be weakened, otherwise how many years will it take them to return to Ukraine? 2, 3? So it will take what it will take. Personally, Biden cannot afford to fail in helping Ukraine. Impossible.

    My opinion is that they have take the decision to smooth the military effort according to the effect of the economics/diplomatics sanctions. They took longer to take effect and we want to be sure that Moscow does not attempt another invasion and that it is permanently weakened. A kind of “controlled skid” that weakens, channels escalation and Orc threat. This mechanism looks like a trap that is more and more effective. But it costs a lot of lives unfortunately.

    Just my feeling.

  4. As I said, many of times, Biden’s a criminal, helping Russia.

    Remember what he did altering the HIMARS range without telling Ukraine ??? He didn’t tell them the range was altered, so they did not have the range they were trying to fire.

    • “they did not have the range they were trying to fire.”

      That’s not true. They were modified so they couldn’t fire long-range missiles (e.g., ATACMS), which the US wasn’t going to provide. But the range wasn’t limited for the missiles that the US *did* provide, so Ukraine had the range for everything that they could fire.

      “a criminal, helping Russia.” – You’re thinking of Trump.

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