The territory was liberated, several companies of the Russian Federation were destroyed: in “Azov” they talked about the successes in Donbas

Kateryna Prysiazhnyuk07:30, 10.05.23

The “Sturmoviks” of the “Wagner” PVK suffered heavy losses, noted the commander of the “Azov” regiment.

In Donbas 3, a separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the “Azov” regiment carried out offensive actions, as a result of which several kilometers of our land were liberated from the Russian invaders.

As a result of the offensive, several companies of the 72nd separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Armed Forces were almost completely destroyed, spies were defeated, a significant number of armored combat vehicles were eliminated, many prisoners were captured, said the first commander of the “Azov” regiment Andriy Biletskyi.

According to him, the 3rd assault unit of the Russian private company “Wagner” suffered heavy losses. “As a result of the offensive actions of the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, units of the 72nd brigade of the Russian Federation were defeated, in fact the 6th and 8th companies of this brigade were completely destroyed,” Biletskyi said.

The regiment commander added that the Ukrainian soldiers were advancing in a strip 3 km wide and 2.6 km deep. “…all this territory is completely freed from the Russian occupying forces…”, Biletsky noted.

Earlier, “Azov” posted a “preview” of offensive actions in the direction of Bakhmut and reported that the enemy’s 72nd SDF had fled from Bakhmut.

The situation in the Bakhmut direction is worth knowing now

The Russians have been trying to capture Bakhmut for a long time and are suffering huge losses. The commander of the Eastern group of troops, Oleksandr Syrsky, said that the opponents are trying to take Bakhmut at any cost until May 9 . Ukrainian soldiers were supposed to break the walls of the occupiers.

On May 8, the commander of the 135th battalion of the 114th territorial defense brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ihor Shepetin, said that the enemy was shelling the city with prohibited phosphorous ammunition because it was in despair.

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