The Russian “museum” T-34 found an “adventure” in Crimea after May 9 (photo, video)

Violetta Orlova22:39, 10.05.23

The Russian tank lost its track.

In the occupied Crimea, the Russian T-34 tank , which participated in the exhibition on May 9, 2023, got stuck on its side on the side of the highway. 

According to the publication “Krym. Realiy” with reference to the press service of the museum-reserve of heroic defense, the incident occurred during the transportation of a combat vehicle. 

“During its transportation from the exhibition site, the tank’s caterpillar, which was attached to the trawl, came off the tank, which caused the car to leave the platform at the turn,” the report says.

The footage shows that the tank did not just pull over to the side of the road, but got stuck between the electric pole and the fence. 

T-34 on parade in Moscow on May 9 against the background of a shortage of tanks at the front – the main thing

On May 9, Russia could not refuse to hold a parade on Red Square in Moscow. This year it was record short – it lasted only 45 minutes. According to analysts’ estimates, armored cars “Tiger”, “Ural”, “KamAZ”, missile complexes “Iskander”, S-400, “Yars”, armored personnel carrier “Boomerang” drove through the square. Of the tanks, only the T-34 was represented – and that was with a nuance. Crimea, the Russian T-34, which took part in the exhibition on May 9, drove to the side of the highway

However, analyst Oleksandr Musienko noted that the presence or absence of some equipment on parade does not indicate the real potential of Russia’s military-industrial complex. “It doesn’t matter, it should be perceived exclusively as a performance. You can’t judge from the parade either the presence of techniques, or the number of people in combat, or its presence or potential that can be used,” he said.

Back in March, the CIT report stated that Soviet tanks of the T-54/55 family began to be exported from the reserve base in the Far East . The facts of the sending and use of T-62 tanks by the Russian Armed Forces during a full-scale invasion have been recorded since the summer, but the removal from storage of the T-54/55 was recorded for the first time. At the same time, Minister Oleksiy Reznikov noted that Russia plans to remove the Soviet tanks of the Second World War from their pedestals for involvement in the war against Ukraine.

According to IISS estimates , since February 24, Russia has lost about 50% of its pre-war fleet of modern T-72B3 and T-72b3m tanks. In addition, the enemy has significantly exhausted its reserves of cruise missiles, Russian aviation has also suffered losses.

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  1. Wikipedia says the last time any T-34 was ever made, was in 1958, at Poland, which I presume was part of the territory captured by the USSR. I wouldn’t be surprised if russia desperately turned to using the earliest of their tanks that I could see there, the T-18. On that same article, I noticed that during the russian civil war, even a few British Mark Vs (a more beefier version of the British tanks from WW2) had entered russian service on behalf of the White Army. If those tanks get pressed into this by putin, I will assume Churchill would be spinning in his grave.

    • Correction, I meant the Mark Vs were a beefier version of WW1 tanks. Stupid word suggester got the better of me. 🤦‍♂️😆

    • I don’t think these T-34 will be used on the battle field, not because of a lack of desperation but because there probably aren’t any shells.

      They might be used as decoys though, which both Ukrainians and Russians have done already.

  2. Just come across this statement by Peskov. They sure have some delusional clowns in the Kremlin.

    “Russia’s military operation against Ukraine is “very difficult” but certain goals have been achieved, Tass news agency cited Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Wednesday.

    Russia has succeeded in severely damaging Ukraine’s military machine and this work will continue, he added.”

    • I see the goals of the delusional clowns has changed from destroy all of Ukraine and occupy it…to…severely damaging Ukraine’s military machine….

      I don’t know what he’s talking about, Ukraine has more equipment now than when Poopin first invaded. Thanks to the Russian Lend-Lease program and Ukraine’s farmer brigade.

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