New mass burials were discovered in Donetsk region: Russians killed hundreds of people (video)

Nadia Pryshlyak21:51, 10.05.23

Among the dead during the Russian occupation were both military and civilians.

After liberating the Lyman and Sviatohir communities from the Russian occupiers, law enforcement officers are still finding new graves and unidentified corpses. 385 bodies have already been discovered in the region, of which 103 are still unidentified.

According to the police of the Donetsk region, a total of 385 bodies were found in the de-occupied territories, of which 309 were civilians.

“Among the victims of Russian aggression – 174 men, 117 women, 6 children, the gender of another 12 people has not been determined,” the message reads.

At the same time, it is noted that work on the identification of the dead is ongoing – 282 persons have been identified to date. For example, two elderly women and a man were exhumed in the village of Bogorodichne, which was almost completely destroyed by Russian troops. Civilians were buried in one of the yards.

In addition, the bodies of three more civilian men were exhumed in Lyman. According to preliminary information, two of them died as a result of shelling, and the third died during the occupation of natural causes.

“After the de-occupation of Liman, a mass grave was found in the city cemetery with the dead servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – then the painstaking work of identifying each of them began,” the police said.

Mass burials of Ukrainians in the Donetsk region – what is known

In October 2022, the police of the Donetsk region announced the completion of the exhumation at the site of the mass burial of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lyman. The bodies of 34 Ukrainian defenders were removed from the mass grave, and their bodies were sent to the morgue.

After the identification and establishment of the causes of death, the bodies of the deceased were handed over to their relatives for burial. Then there was another burial nearby with civilians.

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