Near Bakhmut, a drone captured the last living occupier from a group of infantrymen. Exclusive video

10 May 2023

In the Bakhmut direction, during an operation to destroy enemy infantry, the last living Russian occupier was captured using a drone. Realizing that there was no way out, the rashist had to follow the drone in order to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Oles Malyarevich, junior sergeant of the 92nd brigade, a company of attack unmanned aerial systems and artillery reconnaissance, spoke about this on the air of Apostrophe TV.

He stressed that the situation near Svatov is stable – a counter-battery fight is being carried out there and instead of counter-offensive actions, the enemy is already preparing for defense, while in the Bakhmut direction there is a struggle for the lifeline of Chasov Yar-Bakhmut. So far, the Ukrainian fighters have had some success: the enemy has been driven back from the road and it is reliably protected. At the same time, the enemy has no shell hunger, he throws everything into battle, but he fails to succeed.

Oles Malyarevich told how the last living infantryman was captured with the help of a drone.

“Yesterday, during the operation to destroy the infantry, the last infantryman, realizing that there was no escape, looked up and began to pray to the drone so that he would not be killed. Then the brigade commander wrote a note to give up and go after the drone. She was dropped to him. He showed at first: I won’t go, they will kill me. Then they threw another grenade at him so that he understood that he would be killed anyway. And then he went towards the road and was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “said the junior sergeant of the 92nd brigade .

He also added that Ukrainian troops receive new equipment every day from the Ministry of Defense and small drones from volunteers that are used for bombing.

We wrote earlier that Prigozhin himself controls about $15 billion, mostly located in Africa, and after May 9 he will transfer the “skeleton” of militants either there or to other sectors of the front.

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  1. An interesting story. The orc decided to be smart. Other than his comrades, who are now feeding dogs with their bodies.

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