“Let’s pull out Macron’s teeth”: Prigozhin expressed his anger over the recognition of the “Wagner” PMC in France as terrorists

Anastasia Gorbacheva16:42, 10.05.23

The leader of the militants directly threatened the French leader.

The leader of the private military campaign “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin lost his temper again. This time he was angered by the French parliament, which declared his mercenaries a terrorist organization, and on Wednesday he directly threatened French President Emmanuel Macron.

The publication Politico writes that when answering the questions of Russian journalists, Prigozhin said that “Wagner” saved people in Central Africa, where he firmly established himself and displaced the French presence in the region, from French soldiers who “simply mocked them.”

“You can pull out the rotten teeth from these rotten mouths with pliers. We can pull out the teeth of Macron and, in general, everyone who tells sickening abominations (about Wagner),” Prigozhin said.PVK “Wagner” in the war against Ukraine – the latest news

On Tuesday, French lawmakers called on the EU to list Wagner on the bloc’s list of terrorist groups and apply additional legal tools to make Wagner’s financial activities in Europe impossible. The EU introduced sanctions against Prigozhin himself in April 2022.

Wagner’s mercenaries took an active part in the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, despite the long public political conflict between Prigozhin and the Russian military.

The paramilitary group is mainly involved in the stalemate Battle of Bakhmut. “Wagnerivtsi” recorded many videos showing the torture and even beheading of prisoners of war. In April, two former Wagner commanders and former prisoners confessed to killing Ukrainian civilians and children on Prigozhin’s orders. In 2022, mercenaries recorded a video in which they allegedly executed their own soldier with a sledgehammer, accusing him of aiding Ukrainian forces.

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the French Parliament recognized PVK “Wagner” as a terrorist organization. 

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