‘He’s On His Last Legs’

Propaganda has indirectly confirmed Lukashenka’s serious problems.


The main idea behind any military parade in an authoritarian state is a “showcase of the threat”. Russia used Victory Day as a showcase for its nuclear blackmail and military bluff.

Putin himself has perverted the once meaningful holiday beyond recognition: the fight against Nazism and fascism has gradually turned into a foundation of domestic fascism and external Nazism with cries of “We can do it again!”

But this time the Kremlin burned down – and not just in Shnur’s song, not just from a drone strike of unknown origin, but in a very tangible nature.

There are no weapons. A rented old tank, which is essentially the symbol of Russian armaments, is all one has there.

The import-substituted Victory Day embodies precisely this decrepit tank, which barely moved around Red Square among the trembling dictators planted in Moscow by Beijing’s “coercive-diplomatic” means.

All we have to do is to face a simple fact: there is no more showcase. There is no nuclear power (and, in principle, no power) left: there is the old narrow-minded nag that screamed for so long about the 90s that it brought the country to the threshold of 1917.

And there is another symbol – Lukashenka, who, having returned from his tour, (did not say a word in honour of Victory Day https://charter97.org/ru/news/2023/5/10/547391/). A man with a catchy surname Khrenin has been speaking. And there is a horde of his propagandists who, howling in the tone of the Palace, report that “it is too early to rejoice at Lukashenka’s death”. But we know that the moment when propaganda begins to deny the serious illness and even more the death of the authoritarian ruler is the moment when everybody, in one way or another, comes to the conclusion that “he is on his last legs”.

Recall The Autumn of the Patriarch. The dictator is immortal for propaganda and any thought of the possibility of his death is vicious and inadmissible. If propaganda starts suggesting the death of the dictator, then the dictator really has one foot in the grave.

And if a military parade of the “second army of the world” lasts 3 minutes and there is not a single type of weapon that can shoot and ride at the same time, it is a disgrace.

By the way, the Kremlin, in the eyes of “enemy intelligence” looks very attractive for a direct military intervention: a country without equipment with a crazy ruler and the Kremlin, subject to drones falling on it now and then. So the traditional “Fear me, I am a shell-shocked” doctrine is successfully failed.

Russia does not even have a chance to bluff its way out of its former “greatness”. Putin would have been shot dead as a traitor for such a thing in the Soviet Union.


  1. I’d say that both dictators are on their last legs. The expressions they displayed at their holiest of holy days spoke volumes about their dark, murky, somber moods. Certainly, their future is closer to their end than they would like to admit, although, deep down inside, the feelings of their finale are not to be denied anymore.

    • “There is no nuclear power threat left: There is the old narrow-minded nag that screamed for so long about the 90s that it brought the country to the threshold of 1917.

      Nazi Poopin has used up all the Soviet weaponry made for the cold war and used WWI tactics and Hitler’s playbook and propaganda. The country of thieves has produced nothing original and nothing sovereignly. Calling Poopin’s regime a “mafia” is being generous and the gig is up. He’s 2-bit tiny bluffer that is all mouth and Ukraine rightly should demand a complete surrender with no conditions.

      • Indeed, Red, Poopin is a two-bit bluffer. We know this. But, what does this make Biden and the others who take his bluffs seriously?

        • They are politicians and wannabe diplomats that are myopic by nature. They only care about reelection. IMO the main hope for “The People” is that their military knock some sense into their Commander.
          In the case of Mr. Magoo, and I might add Trump too, they think they already know everything and even more than the Generals. You would think they would speak with a nuclear weapons expert and ask them how viable would a 1985 nuke be today? There is the answer to the nuclear bluffs.

          • I doubt that even half their rockets would get off the ground, another so many will drop back down over mafia land, another so many will drop into the ocean somewhere, another so many will never detonate, and the rest have been stolen.

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