Complaints about explosions and a hate for refugees: What is happening in Crimea on the eve of the offensive of the AFU

05/10/2023 Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Residents of Crimea complain about nightly attacks by drones and missiles, explosions, sirens, blackouts and mobilization. On the peninsula, there is only talk about whether the Ukrainian troops will soon liberate Crimea and what will happen next. The real estate market has now practically stopped, and the holiday season may not even take place due to the war.

What is happening in the Crimea, read the material OBOZREVATEL.

Either explosions or drones

In Crimea, not a single night has passed quietly in recent weeks.

“Whatever the night, then explosions. It will fly there, then it will explode there, then the air defense will work. They have stopped sleeping peacefully since the early spring. And the more that time passes, the worse it gets. Although the local authorities try to reassure the people, we understand that the war is already on the peninsula. At school, my daughters were told about the alarm case, how to behave during an alarm, where the shelter is,” complains a resident of the peninsula, Valentina.

In some areas, after the arrivals of drones, electricity is lost when they explode.

The woman says that not all Crimeans are happy about mobilization. Many are hiding, trying to leave, although recently it is almost impossible.

“A friend of mine took her son somewhere to the mountains. A neighbor’s husband suddenly disappeared, says that he doesn’t know anything about him, they say, he left. In fact, he is also hiding somewhere, waiting, so as not to be forced into the army. Nobody wants to die. And if the Ukrainian army comes, then everyone who fought will not be healthy,” continues Valentina.

The real estate market has ground to a halt

Those who bought real estate on the peninsula during the years of occupation are also worried now. After all, an illegally executed purchase from Russian notaries may be invalidated.

Crimea during the tourist season in 2022.

“We can say that the real estate market in Crimea has reached a dead end. On the one hand, those who leave the peninsula are trying to get rid of real estate. However, buyers are now afraid to conclude contracts due to the fact that the peninsula may be liberated in the near future. And, on the other hand, now the peninsula is filled with refugees from the Kherson region, to whom the Russian authorities issued certificates for the purchase of housing. But they can only buy inexpensive real estate, so old Khrushchev houses, huts in the north and in the center of the peninsula, which have been owners for years couldn’t sell it. They also raised their prices now,” says realtor Sergey (he asks not to give his last name).

On the peninsula they do not like refugees from Ukraine

By the way, the issue of refugees in Crimea has become seriously aggravated. Some of the inhabitants of the peninsula, especially Russians, openly dislike Ukrainians from the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

“We haven’t been able to buy housing here for years, we live with our son’s family in a small apartment. And they immediately issued housing certificates, and they buy real estate for themselves. We are sure that most of them will sit here and wait for Ukraine. They have Ukrainian passports. They hide them, Russians get them. But if the Armed Forces of Ukraine suddenly come here, they will immediately get them out from under the mattresses,” pensioner Irina Olegovna, a resident of Yalta, believes.

YouTube showed a video with a woman from the Kherson region, whom volunteers helped to buy clothes for her daughter. As it turned out, her son works in the west of Ukraine, an elderly mother works in St. Petersburg, and the refugee herself has already issued a Russian housing certificate. Therefore, viewers from Russia and Crimea literally hated the woman.

In their opinion, she is a hidden “Bandera”, “greedy waiter”, her son is fighting for Ukraine, and she came to the peninsula to get housing. Even the first-grader daughter of a Ukrainian woman was called “unfriendly and cold.”

They are looking for “waiters” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and among local residents on the peninsula. In social networks, they actively write that some of the Crimeans are on the side of Ukraine. The reason for hatred can even be clothes in yellow and blue colors.

“In the summer I got on the bus in a yellow T-shirt and denim shorts, my grandmother was speaking out, which I just didn’t hear,” wrote one of the residents of the Crimea.

Clothes with “Ukrainian” colors are taboo!

There was also a story when a store painted yellow and blue was spotted on the peninsula. The building had to be repainted because the owner was accused of sympathizing with Ukraine.

Some Crimeans do not believe that the peninsula can be liberated from the Russian Federation. “My relatives still have a portrait of Putin hanging on the wall in their house. They are sure that Russia is winning because they only watch Russian television and don’t want to hear anything. They are not embarrassed by explosions, drones. holiday season, because they do not work, but live only by renting free rooms in the house to vacationers,” says Viktor, a former resident of Crimea.

Holiday season in question

One of the main issues for the inhabitants of the peninsula is the holiday season. The May weekend showed that tourists did not come to Crimea – hotels and sanatoriums were empty, there were no private traders who wanted to relax.

Hoteliers complain that they have almost no room reservations for June. The situation is especially bad on those eastern and western stretches of the coast where the Russian military dug up the beaches with trenches. No one wants to rest here.

Hotel owners admit that they may not even open their hotels this season so as not to incur unnecessary costs

“Last year the situation was bad, the season started later, almost in mid-July. And because of the explosions it ended very quickly,” complained the director of the hotel in Evpatoria.

The occupying authorities of the peninsula continue to assert that the season will take place in Crimea, which is safe here. Additional trains are even allowed on the peninsula through the Kerch bridge from remote corners of the Russian Federation. True, while the places in these compositions are not sold out.

Queues at the entrance to the Kerch bridge also play their role. Due to fears of blowing up the bridge, the FSB carefully checks all luggage and cargo, people have to stand in queues for 5-9 hours.

In social networks, the Russians write that this season they will choose Sochi, Anapa, Georgia instead of Crimea. They do not want to take risks, they are afraid that they will not be able to go back because of the possible undermining of the bridge.


  1. Things have been deteriorating in Crimea, and this for months. But, lately, it’s gotten much worse. The many tourists of yesteryear have been replaced by dirty, drunk, emotionally unstable troops. Fears of being inducted into this “army” just to die for the dwarf is running rampant. The parade from yesterday was a disaster for the little positive frame of mind that had remained (by the pro-mafia people). There is no light in their dark tunnel.
    I bet that the passengers – and rats – on the Titanic had similar feelings after the ship shuttered and shook from the collision with the iceberg.
    The pro-Ukrainian people, on the other hand, are itching to be liberated. But, they must tread very carefully!

  2. “They are sure that Russia is winning because they only watch Russian television and don’t want to hear anything.”

    Yes, and I’m sure scum like this will be waving a Ukrainian flag once Crimea is liberated.

    • Except, their neighbors who are true pro-Ukrainians will be able to identify them for the scum that they are.

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