The commander of the “Buchan executioners” was noticed at the parade by May 9 in Khabarovsk (video)

Anastasia Gorbacheva22:00, 05/09/23

Azatbek Omurbekov received a “hero” of Russia after the massacre in the Kyiv region.

Colonel of the army of the Russian Federation Azatbek Omurbekov, who killed Ukrainians during the period of temporary occupation of the Kiev region in 2022, was noticed at the parade on May 9 in Khabarovsk. He commanded the 64th motorized rifle brigade.

According to the journalists of “Important stories”, one of the military of this unit, Daniil Frolkin, admitted that during the occupation of one of the villages in Ukraine he killed a civilian. According to him, Omurbekov beat and humiliated soldiers.

“They tried to explain to this command that we would not go on the offensive anymore. After that, Omurbekov began to beat the boys, they seemed to be weaklings, he simply covered them with foul language. He hit one butt in the face, put a gun to his forehead with another, said:” I’ll shoot and I won’t get anything for it,” Frolkin said.

In addition, Omurbekov spent the entire period of occupation “sitting in the basement of the school”, where the headquarters was, and also lied to the command about the success of the brigade. Also, several Russian military officers said that the colonel gave the order to kill “everyone who has phones” and fire on several civilian vehicles.

Omurbekov returned to Russia after being wounded, after which he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia “for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty.” Khabarovsk, at the parade by May 9, they noticed a colonel-murderer of Ukrainians

Colonel of the Russian Army Azatbek Omurbekov – what is known

In April 2022, Russian dictator Vladimir  Putin celebrated the “heroism and courage” of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade  of the Russian Ground Forces. War criminals staged a bloody massacre in Bucha in the Kyiv region.

The head of the Kremlin gave the brigade of rapists, marauders and murderers the name “Guards”. At the same time, the commander of the “Buchan executioners”  Azatbek Omurbekov was promoted to the rank of colonel .

Later, The Guardian spoke about some Russian commanders and generals who were atrocities in Ukraine, including Omurbekov among the war criminals .

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