Russian collaborator Volodymyr Saldo records video in Ukrainian and pleads to “forget everything that happened”

Volodymyr Saldo, a collaborator and the so-called “head” of occupied Kherson Oblast, unexpectedly addressed the Ukrainian soldiers in Ukrainian and asked them to “forget everything that happened”.

Source: Saldo on Telegram

Quote: “I personally want to address the Ukrainian soldiers. Guys… We are not enemies. Understand, most of us are kindred. And there was a time when we may or may not argue, but we have everything needed to forget our disputes…

Let’s forget about everything that happened. Let’s unite and turn in the opposite direction and do everything to end the war. And live together again.”

Details: The accomplice of the invaders cynically calls the decommunisation that took place in independent Ukraine the biggest “mockery”.

Saldo is concerned about the fate of Soviet monuments, not mentioning the Ukrainian cities destroyed by the Russian invaders with the number of victims still unknown.

According to him, in Russia there are memorable places that “have the same relation to the Ukrainian people,” although he did not specify which places he means.

With his desperate propaganda appeal, the occupier is trying to attract the attention of Ukrainian soldiers and claims that the Ukrainian people are “scared,” and that “the Americans themselves must go to war.”

It is noteworthy that on 9 May, the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine decided to confiscate part of Saldo’s assets.

Previously, the collaborator’s company associated with grain was found registered in the UK.


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