Red Square with a nuance: why there was so little equipment

Violetta Orlova15:29, 05/09/23

The presence or absence of some equipment at the parade does not indicate the real potential of the Russian military-industrial complex, expert Musienko noted.

At the parade on May 9, 2023  in Moscow, there was significantly less equipment than in previous years. The museum T-34 also drove through Red Square – and he was with a nuance. However, experts note that the parade itself was more likely to play a “minus” for the Russians.

As the head of the expert group on internal communications of the Defense Ministry, Vasily Pavlov, said on the air of the telethon, the Russians had to drag this tank all the way from distant Laos. “And that one was brought from Laos from among those tanks that Russia transferred for use in the Democratic Republic of Laos. That is, we see a certain crisis,” he said.

He also stressed that the shame is not the absence of some types of weapons on the Russian parade, but the parade itself. “It’s a shame to hold a parade under such conditions and a shame to go out with the messages that Putin comes out with. This is the main shame,” the expert replied.

Musienko stressed that now the whole world looks at Russians as barbarians: “To whom and what do you want to prove? These are just certain complexes. For them, this parade plays a minus, not a plus.”

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  1. What does Musienko mean “now the world looks at Russian as barbarians”?

    We’ve viewed Russia and its communist ideology as barbaric since the time is resulted in mass starvation due to ineptitude. It’s obviously just a con to enrich the little red circle and always has been. Take communism out and Russia is still the same.

    Still, I don’t know why America insists on spending so much money on places that aren’t really that important as trading partners.

    70 million Americans probably won’t have money for food soon unless the US borrows more to pay for it. Shouldn’t America pay for its food before donating endless sums so a bunch of former communists can blow each other to shit over disagreements about what belongs to whom?

    Endless and unnecessary wars are bankrupting America and we need to stop unnecessary spending. Otherwise America will end up with mass starvation too.

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