In the Kurgan region, 19 people died due to fires. In the most affected village, by May 9, the banner of Victory was installed – right on the ashes Photo

In the Kurgan region, strong fires have been going on for several days. According to  TASS , 19 people died, and this number may increase. More than 300 houses and 3.9 thousand buildings were destroyed by fire , almost a thousand people were evacuated. In the village of Uldus, which accounts for the most deaths, by May 9, a copy of the banner of Victory appeared  – it was installed right on the ashes.

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  1. This is something that should make the Nazi dwarf of Moscow think. But he prefers to commit genocide in Ukraine, to conquer lands which represent 0.7% of Russia.

    Imagine a few years from now. 60% of Russian territory that is in permafrost will begin to unfreeze (it has already started in fact!). I don’t know if this speaks to you, but the consequence of this is an incredible cataclysmic process. For Russia, but also for the world in some aspects.

    Likely consequences:

    It is necessary to reinforce all human infrastructures on unstable soils (roads, dwellings, railways, etc.). Can you imagine the construction site that this represents?

    “Black floods”, collapse (literally) of the land with the consequence of the loss of pasture in a very large proportion, the displacement of population…

    And the great threat: forest and peat fires, zombie fires of gigantic proportions!

    But the Nazis in Moscow prefer to remain Nazis. Can they do anything else?

    Karma you say? 🙂

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