Ukraine’s Defence Ministry shows video of “hunt” for Shahed drones in night sky over Kyiv

8 MAY 2023

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has posted a video of the downing of Russian drones over Kyiv on the night of 7-8 May. 

Source: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Twitter 

Quote: “Last night, 35 of 35 russian drones were shot down! 30 of them targeted Kyiv.”

Details: The video shows tracer bullets flying in the night sky, and a powerful explosion can be heard.


  • Several buildings across different parts of the city of Kyiv were damaged in a nighttime Russian drone attack.
  • Russian strategic aircraft deployed Kh-22 missiles to carry out a missile strike on Odesa Oblast on the night of 7–8 May, causing several fires.
  • Ukraine’s defenders destroyed all 35 Shahed drones launched on Ukraine overnight. The Air Force clarified that the Russian forces launched 35 attack drones on Kyiv Oblast.

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